Watch: Outlast 2 Villains Were Inspired by this Creepy Video

Anyone even tangentially wakeful of a Outlast series know that a games are filled with some severely disfigured content. Whether a a indeterminate explain to celebrity of being a initial diversion to etch necrophilia, or a continued mania with masculine genital mutilation, Outlast games are not for a fool of heart or supportive of stomach.

But even only their villains are mostly times emotionally scarring to behold, and that was positively a box with Outlast 2 and a Heretics. Being one of dual rivalry factions in Outlast 2, a Heretics were a cave-dwelling cult who believed that a protagonist’s wife, who inexplicably became pregnant, would birth a antichrist and move about a finish times, something a heretics welcomed with open arms. They also looked freaky as all get out, as we can see in a header image. That said, a element that desirous these might be even some-more disturbing.

Red Barrels suggested around Twitter that they took impulse from one sold artists’ bizarre video. You can watch that below:

It’s tough to even report what this is over “performance art,” though it is good to see a developers crediting an artist with whom they did not contract. This wasn’t a box with Mass Effect Andromeda, when EA used a lipstick pattern suspiciously identical to one we could find only by Googling “cool mouth designs” in their diversion but so most as crediting a artist behind that sold design.

We are all still watchful on intensity story DLC for Outlast 2, nonetheless developer Red Barrels have given no denote of a existence. However, a strange Outlast had a DLC enlargement patrician Whistleblower, and it would seem that a few lax ends could be tied adult or serve explored with DLC to Outlast 2, and a fans positively direct it. We’ll have to see.

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