Watch Final Fantasy XV PSVR’s Developers Go On A Fishing Trip (Really)

Final Fantasy XV might no longer be removing a possess PlayStation VR (PSVR) mode, yet it is removing a full spin-off fishing game, as suggested during E3 this year. Monster of a Deep: Final Fantasy XV is a VR fishing diversion set in a expanded universe of final year’s Japanese role-playing game. Today, we schooled a bit some-more about it.

Square Enix showcased some-more of a diversion during a display during a PlayStation Experience in South East Asia this past weekend. According to DualShockers, Lead Designer Wan Hazmer suggested that a diversion will expel players as themselves, unresolved out with a expel of a strange journey as they take time off to fish. There will be a story mode and a giveaway play mode, and you’ll be means to acquire money to ascent your gear. More modes will be announced after down a line.

There are also going to be trainer fights opposite outrageous creatures, including a savage seen in a game’s logo. You’ll use weapons to take some of these fishes down.

If you’ve come looking for new resources afterwards feast your eyes on these new cinema of some of a game’s environments. They’re beautiful (though shade capped, so not a top quality), and Hazmer says there are some-more on a way. In fact, we can design Monster of a Deep to be a full diversion in a possess right; this is an wholly standalone plan and not DLC for FFXV.

Oh, there was also a video of a developers doing a investigate fishing trip. Yes, it’s literally only them fishing. But, hey, check it out if we unequivocally wish to.

Monster of a Deep will be rising this Sep and is disdainful to PSVR for now.

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