Watch Chicago Fire stars’ best other roles with this playlist

Chicago Fire fans can get their repair and check out Chicago Fire stars’ other good projects over interregnum with One Chicago Center’s summer playlist.

Looking for something to watch until Chicago Fire earnings in September? Still wish your repair of Chicago Fire stars, even yet a uncover isn’t on a air?

That’s where we come in. One Chicago Center has curated a playlist of 5 good projects that underline Chicago Fire actors or actresses in other roles, so that we can watch some of your favorite stars until they lapse to Firehouse 51.

There are usually dual criteria: we’re tying a list to a favorite 5 projects, not one for any array unchanging (because we know we also wish to suffer your summer vacation!) and a choices contingency be accessible to tide or squeeze online (so they’re accessible for we to watch now!).

Check out a Chicago Fire interregnum playlist below, and happy summer viewing:

1. Lauren German in Hawaii Five-0 (Netflix)

Lauren German hasn’t been a unchanging on Chicago Fire given deteriorate 2, yet she’s still a fan favorite. And after withdrawal a show, she was expel in a repeated purpose on CBS‘s Hawaii Five-0.

Lauren played Lori Weston, who assimilated Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) charge force during a show’s second season—and was also positioned as a intensity adore seductiveness for him.

She had a good chemistry with O’Loughlin, and she got to do even some-more movement than she had on Chicago Fire. While her impression didn’t last, we can still watch all of her episodes on Netflix, and they’re a lot of fun.

2. Monica Raymund in Lie to Me (Hulu)

If you’re down over Monica Raymund withdrawal Chicago Fire, afterwards we can check out her prior array unchanging purpose on FOX‘s Lie to Me. She plays Ria Torres, a member of The Lightman Group, as they take on all kinds of cases. Just like on Chicago Fire, Raymund is a tough impression who takes no nonsense. And she has a adore seductiveness on this show, too (though it’s zero like a Dawsey relationship).

Lie to Me is a good uncover to watch regardless, as a categorical expel is led by a greatest Tim Roth and also includes Kelli Williams (The Practice) and Brendan Hines (The Tick). Mekhi Phifer, who guest-starred in a Chicago PD part “Captive”, recurs during deteriorate 1 and joins a categorical register in a second season.

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3. Jesse Spencer in Uptown Girls (Amazon Video)

We don’t wish all on a playlist to be drama, so how about Jesse Spencer in a regretful movie? The destiny Captain Matthew Casey had one of his biggest film roles behind in 2003, when he played a adore seductiveness for a late Brittany Murphy in this humorous yet also honeyed movie.

Uptown Girls involves Murphy’s impression Molly apropos down on her fitness and holding a pursuit as a nanny for Ray, played by a immature Dakota Fanning (way before she starred in TNT’s The Alienist). She meets Jesse’s impression Neal during her birthday party, yet one of a movie’s plots is how prolonged it takes for them to honestly find their approach behind to any other.

Directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember a Titans), Uptown Girls also has some critical tract points; Ray is a hypochondriac with a father in a coma, and there’s a pleasing loyalty that develops as Molly grows closer to her. This film also involves Jesse Spencer singing, so what else could we want?

4. David Eigenberg in Sex and a City (HBO)

As Christopher Herrmann on Chicago Fire, David Eigenberg has gotten run by a wringer, quite during a finish of this many new season. However, fans can go totally in a other instruction when we watch his other strike TV purpose as Steve Brady in HBO’s Sex and a City.

Steve is introduced during Sex and a City deteriorate 2 as a adore seductiveness for Miranda Hobbes (series star Cynthia Nixon). He’s a barkeeper during a bar where she gets stood adult by BFF Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). David Eigenberg would go on to seem in 41 of a show’s 96 episodes and both movies. Luckily for Fire fans, HBO has done his initial deteriorate accessible to tide directly by their website.

5. Teri Reeves in Battleground (Hulu)

Chicago Fire fans didn’t get to see a lot of Teri Reeves; she was usually a unchanging for a show’s initial deteriorate as Dr. Hallie Thomas, Casey’s ex-fiancee. Though a dual rekindled their attribute to a point, signs of a Dawsey hookup were determined early on and Hallie was killed off. But over on Hulu, Teri is front and core in one of a streaming service’s initial strange series.

These days Hulu is good famous for strange shows, yet Battleground was a initial they ever made. And Teri Reeves was a womanlike lead of a series, personification KJ Jamison, a communications executive of a dim equine domestic campaign. She delivers a good opening in a domestic mockumentary conflicting Jay Hayden (Station 19 and The Catch), and you’ll see sides of her that we didn’t get to see during Chicago Fire deteriorate 1.

Use a links above to check out these good projects featuring a stars of Chicago Fire and we’ll see we when Chicago Fire deteriorate 7 starts Sept. 26 on NBC!

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