W/ARE And No Man’s Sky Helping Other Projects To Gain Exposure And Dev Kits

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2018)

W/ARE and No Man’s Sky subreddit have teamed adult to move bearing to 10 smaller teams and their projects. So far, W/ARE and No Man’s Sky are charity a tip 10 projects an event to allege in a subsequent turn and seize a mark in a tip five. The tip 5 will be narrowed down by your votes, that will lead to all 5 projects gaining entrance to W/ARE dev kits and a possibility of apropos something more.

According to reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame and devkit.ware-tech.cloud we learn a following information for any of a 10 and shortly to be 5 projects in a works:

Two weeks ago, W/ARE launched a competition to name 5 studios to accept a W/ARE dev kit. We are unapproachable to contend that we perceived 682 applications from studios all over a world. We have done a shortlist of 10 studios, and now it is adult to we to name that of these projects we wish to see in a tip five.


One of a partnered games, No Man’s Sky, has concluded to assistance a tip 10 benefit bearing by hosting a finalists’ pitches on their subreddit. You are invited to learn some-more about any plan in their particular posts as they’re uploaded by their particular studios.

You can possibly conduct to a vote page to assistance out one of a many projects or we can perspective some of them below:

Beyond a Stars

Beyond a Stars has we struggling to know how we finished adult in a far-off segment of space, as we collect resources to erect and ascent your boat to accommodate your organisation and try a low end.


As a game’s moniker implies, we contingency terraform opposite worlds from uninhabitable into multiplying planets filled with life.

The Drowned Tower

Set in a dream-like world, a Drowned Tower is a post-apocalyptic scrutiny diversion that sees we regulating special cards and “High Technology” to change a earthy landscape and expose secrets of a universe that came before.

Tumbleweed: Winds of Change

Tumbleweed launches a many talented into a turn of dream-like practice that opt for summary and idealist images.


Using procedural era tech, Eden is a God simulator where we emanate a zone of space and by emergent gameplay and modernized AI systems, we can observe your attribute with your creations.

Penrose Path: Know Thyself

The procedural text-based psycho-philosophical “adventure game” that goes by a name of Penrose Path: Know Thyself is diversion about either or not we know yourself.


Supersensory is a two-player commune journey diversion about contextual mythos. Lumen and Shade — a summary of light and dark — contingency use their authority of tone to overcome problems while finding their loyal destiny.


DELVE is a single-player knowledge designed to urge your sleep. In a game, we contingency navigate by your possess memories to collect sparse memory fragments. This routine is pronounced to resemble defragmentation of your possess memories, that is one of a primary functions of a nap cycle.


RE/load is a diversion that is formed on childlike oddity while rebellious a deepest ventures of a mind. The puzzle/adventure diversion is set between different dream worlds and chronological backdrops.

Prismal Labs

Prismal Labs is a diversion about your dreams and memories for healing sessions. Re-live your favorite memories and emanate new ones with people prolonged passed.

You can learn some-more about any plan by clicking on any name or trailer as posted above or we can opinion for your many elite one on ware2.typeform.com.

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