View from a East Pirates ratchet adult recruiting

The proclamation of a further of connoisseur transfers Thomas Sirk from Duke, Tyshon Dye from Clemson and Gaelin Elmore from Minnesota reinforces manager Scottie Montgomery’s contention that East Carolina won’t behind divided from anyone in recruiting.

South Carolina came after Sirk, a quarterback, even after he had tweeted his skeleton to join a Pirates. Miami of a ACC sought a services of Dye, a using back. It came down to ECU and Arizona for Elmore, a defensive end.

Several factors have enabled a Pirates to waylay some profitable talent from Power Five programs.

One is a further of Robert Prunty as associate conduct manager and defensive line coach. Prunty was named Recruiter of a Year in a Big 12 Conference while during Texas Tech and warranted identical accolades in a American Athletic Conference during Cincinnati.

Prunty likes to listen to recruits some-more than he talks to them and that has led some distinguished impending players to devise their futures as Pirates.

Another cause has been a success in violation a NCAA career receptions record by Justin Hardy during ECU in 2015 and by Zay Jones of a Pirates last year.

“Now, we’re removing recruited by receivers,” Montgomery said. “That’s for sure. I’ve substantially never seen a conditions where receivers are recruiting us as tough as they are recruiting us. We’re recruiting them tough right back, there’s no doubt about it, yet we’re removing calls and emails and content messages —.everything from receivers that wish to play in a system. They also wish to be coached in a complement and wish to play during a place where dual players have using been NCAA leaders.”

And, of course, recruiting provides a means of addressing some of the deficiencies that became apparent when  a Pirates lost nine of a their final 10 games in 2016.

“That’s given I’ve worked so tough this offseason, of formulating depth,” Montgomery said.

The Pirates manager indicated that some-more assistance might be on a way.

“We do substantially have some some-more things that are going to occur here shortly,” Montgomery said. “We came out of open feeling flattering good about a placekicking efforts and where Jake Verity is. We really, unequivocally favourite him entrance out of spring. Tremendous talent placekicking. He also did a good pursuit punting yet there’s substantially a few some-more things we’d like to get finished with adding some talent to a punting area so we’re not usually relying 100 percent on Jake.

“Hopefullly, we can continue to grow there before a finish of a summer … substantially one of a final gaps that we have on a football team.
“If we don’t (bring a punter in), we’re gentle with Jake being both a punter and kicker. we usually would be really, really comfortable if we had someone else to come in and take some of a bucket off of him.”

Sirk has arrived

Thomas Sirk in movement during his Duke personification days. (Photo: Duke Media Relations)

Last year, ECU had Minnesota/Rutgers send Philip Nelson during quarterback after Kurt Benkert eliminated to Virginia. The wish was to redshirt youth college send Gardner Minshew.

Minshew was pulpy into movement when Nelson was traffic with concussions.

There is many some-more abyss during quarterback now.

Sirk also was recruited by South Carolina and Southern Miss after tweeting his skeleton to send to ECU.

“He’s here now,” Montgomery said. “He’s in category here now. He’s operative out with a team. We were means to withstand South Carolina and some other suitors. It was usually about a prior relations and the new attribute between him and his teammates and Tony Petersen (offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach). That was unequivocally vicious and vicious to his recruitment.

“He’s been means to be with a group and work out.”

The Pirates have had some peculiarity time with loyal beginner Kingsley Ifedi, who enrolled in January, a contrariety to a attainment of Minshew final summer.

“I don’t like articulate about freshmen,” pronounced Montgomery, “but usually starting with Kingsley (Ifedi) and his ability to come in and have a whole division of being means to get work in either it be with his coaches, with his players or film work. We didn’t even have that kind of time with some of a guys we had all a time — usually meditative about where we were with Gardner. We’ve had some-more work with Kingsley now than we did with Gardner entrance in so late final year. You’ve got Reid (Herring) who’s been in a complement over a year now and has really, unequivocally been operative unusually hard. He had a flattering good spring. He could have finished softened in some situations yet a male that knows a system, that can chuck it, that a kids love.

Then-sophomore Gardner Minshew, a juco transfer, took off his redshirt final deteriorate and saw endless movement after designated starter Philip Nelson was hindered by concussions. Minshew will go into preseason stay during a tip of a abyss chart. (Bonesville repository photo by Al Myatt)

“Gardner gives us fortitude during a tip position. He is a starter as we speak. He’s a male that knows a position, knows a system. … He knows his crew unequivocally well. He grew so many in a open by a things we let him do at a line of scrimmage. That’s something that we did not have a ability to do, regulating plays during a line of scrimmage, either it be by front or by coverage. And now he has a ability to do that going into year dual in a system.

“And then, Thomas. … Coming in right now, he’s kind of behind all those guys in meaningful accurately who his crew is. But all Thomas has to do now is come in and get a vernacular down pat. He’ll learn his group and his group will learn him. The attribute that he and Gardner already have of competing and assisting any other is already display to be useful to Gardner and already shown to be useful to Thomas. He has a prolonged approach to go yet he knows a system. Our wordiness is something totally opposite yet he knows a system.

“The abyss during that position is a approach that we wanted to build it. We wish to keep that abyss like it is now going forward. We’re going to try to do a good pursuit of recruiting and bringing in a big-time quarterback again a following year and usually continue to grow a quarterback position. It’s something that I’ve always been intrigued with and being a former quarterback manager we know how vicious it is to have guys that can play during a high level, mixed guys that can play during a high level. I consider we have that.”

QB competition

Sirk’s attainment with one year of eligibility means there will be a quarterback derby in preseason camp.

“Right out of a gate, there is going to be good competition,” Montgomery said. “The foe is going to have to be driven by not usually a ones, twos and threes yet also how we perform in a one-on-one apportionment of a drills, a pass ability apportionment of a drills. Our quarterbacks, during slightest a tip 3 quarterbacks, will be removing a good infancy of a work with Kingsley removing some package things that we’re going to work on to continue to grow him. You’d substantially like to see all those guys get about 33 percent of a reps early and afterwards as we pierce forward, we’ll get to some-more of a substantially a 40-40-20 mode. Then we’ll get closer to anticipating out who of those 3 guys will be competing one and two. If Gardner goes in and distinguishes himself early, afterwards we’ll substantially get to a 50-25-25 kind of a purpose unequivocally fast or if somebody else usually unequivocally blossoms that’s kind of a approach we’ll pierce forward. Right now, we’re kind of large with meaningful that Gardner is unequivocally a starter right now, yet we’ll have a foe during a position. we can’t wait to see it develop.

“We also have a lot of abyss during receiver and a lot of abyss during using back. We usually combined some abyss during descent line. All these guys are going to be removing big-time reps with big-time players so we’re simply able to brand who’s doing well. There will be some rotations between a ones and a twos. At a quarterback position, you really won’t have a good feel for who’s during this position and who’s during that position for during slightest a integrate of weeks. Then we’ll settle down after we’ve had a integrate of evaluations after scrimmages and we can see a execution percentages and how they’re removing a turn out of their hands and afterwards unequivocally how they’re holding caring of a football.”

Redshirt in doubt for Ifedi

The initial devise was to redshirt Ifedi, yet Montgomery admits to some second thoughts on that.

“It’s a devise yet we’ve got to have a ability to be tractable in a plan,” Montgomery said. “What we saw in Kingsley in certain situations in open turn is that physically he is good over what we suspicion he would be and he’s going to continue to learn a system. He finished some big-time throws during times when he accepted all out there and he finished some big-time runs during times, so he gives us a coherence to do a lot in a offense. In a ideal world, you’d like to redshirt him. You’d like to continue to grow a module and a substructure of a module so he can get all those years out there on a margin and meaningful accurately what to do. He has some specifying characteristics that make it tough in some forms of situational play not to consider about him and him assisting a football team. We would like to redshirt him. we don’t know if that’s indispensably going to occur though.”

Sirk, ability package

Montgomery knows Sirk’s ability set, carrying worked with him when he was descent coordinator and quarterbacks manager during Duke.

“What he does unequivocally good is he gets a turn out of his hands unusually quick,” Montgomery said. “I used to always be on him about removing a turn out in 2.6 (seconds) or reduce and it’s O.K. to punt a ball. Those are a forms of things that Thomas is going to bring. He’s going to strike a low down a margin balls. He’s got a good arm in a middle area. He creates it unequivocally tough for people to play dual high safeties on him with his ability to lift a football. But if we do wish to play one high on him and try to play man, he’s good adequate with a football that he can collect we detached on some outbreaking routes and some routes in a middle area. He has a unequivocally good bargain of a diversion and how to conduct football games. He did a good pursuit with holding caring of a football. He also is a good celebrity among his teammates.

“Those are some of a things that we consider he does good yet we consider his best trait he usually takes caring of a football and he knows how to get it out of his hands. … Too many sacks occurred final year when we were holding on to it. That’s usually not in hots and steer adjustments when they pierce pressure. You’ve got to know where a powerful is in a slot and step adult into a powerful and get a turn out. He does a good pursuit of that.”

Relationship with Sirk during Duke

Montgomery has common some good times along with bad with Sirk.

“I’m a usually kind of quarterback manager that he had as a personification quarterback,” Montgomery said. “I watched him come off of an damage into a deteriorate and play during a unequivocally high turn of football. Our relationship, I’m unequivocally unrelenting on a quarterbacks. we design them to reason a certain turn of certainty and be enlightenment creators. That attribute is one of those ones that didn’t stop when we left a building.

“When we took a conduct coaching pursuit during East Carolina when it was presented to me and we was so thankful, of course, he was really, unequivocally happy for me and came to me and hugged me. We spent a good volume of time together once a preference had been made. A few months later, he popped his Achilles and we got in my car. we gathering adult to Durham and we went to his unit with his mother and his father and we hugged his neck. we spent about 15 mins with him and I got behind in a automobile and came behind to Greenville and went right behind to work. we know how tough he prepared. It would have been going into his comparison year. we usually knew what he was going through.

“Our attribute is a good relationship. It’s one built around a realness of life, bargain that infrequently you’re up. Sometimes you’re down. The one thing we can never do is quit. That child has persevered by a lot. That’s where a attribute kind of started and where it is now. He’s listened me manager him for a integrate of years during a quarterback position. He’s also been in a situation, where outward of a game, I’ve been there for him and he’s been there for me, so all in all it’s a unequivocally good relationship.”

Pinstripe Bowl

Sirk was co-MVP of a 2015 Pinstripe Bowl as Duke surfaced Indiana 44-41 during Yankee Stadium. The Blue Devils had been decades though a play triumph.

“He was a initial (Duke) quarterback to win a play diversion given 1961,” Montgomery said. “A lot of people don’t know — that year he did an unimaginable job. … It was his initial year as a starting quarterback and unequivocally he was unequivocally mature. He led that group all a approach to that play game. If it wasn’t for a call right there in a Miami game, that would have got us we trust to 7-1. No revelation what would have happened relocating brazen in that deteriorate that year. we suspicion he did a illusory job. He’s warranted a right to be called one of a usually guys in Duke story to win a play diversion and that’s accurately what he did. He finished some big plays in that game.”

Tyshon Dye

Tyshson Dye (Image source:

Dye had 109 rushing yards and a touchdown on 21 carries in 53 snaps over 7 games during Clemson’s inhabitant championship deteriorate as a redshirt junior.

“He’s also here and he’s operative out with a team,” Montgomery said. “We’re really, unequivocally happy to have him here. We’ve got good foe in a using behind room. We consider that he’ll be a clear shot of adrenaline and energy and speed combined to a room that already has some good talent. … His biggest bargain during Clemson, he had an damage a integrate of years behind and was means to quarrel his approach behind onto a field. He usually wanted a event to be a guy. We told him that he would unequivocally have that opportunity. We weren’t going to extent him to a volume of carries that he would or would not have. We’re going to give him a possibility to go out and acquire a position usually like some of a good players that we have here already during a position. He knows of a conflict that’s ahead of him and we demeanour brazen to it.

“He’s a singular multiple of distance and strength. He’s 220 pounds right now. He’s as discerning as I’ve seen him. You see some of his workouts online, watch him go by a bags and run a football, some of his Clemson tape. You know that we’re removing a gifted back. We’re looking brazen to him. Great kid. Great family. His mom came adult with him. His hermit came adult with him. Great family. Hard worker. I’ve got a lot of relations down during Clemson either it be with Coach (Dabo) Swinney, Danny Pearman (assistant conduct coach, special teams coordinator, parsimonious ends coach) and guys that have changed on like Marion Hobby and Dan Brooks, on and on, all a guys down there who have helped us throughout a whole process, even Woody McCorvey. Talking to guys. All those are a guys and guys that have helped me grow adult in a business so we devoted a lot of things that they had to say.”

Elmore, Minnesota

Gaelin Elmore (Image source:

Elmore started 6 games for a Golden Gophers final deteriorate and played in 13.

He accessible 16 tackles, including 4 for losses. He had 1.5 sacks and recovered 3 fumbles while earning academic All-Big Ten honors.

“We’re unequivocally vehement to get Gaelin,” Montgomery said. “All these guys, we were unequivocally vehement to get. We were in battles for all these guys. It was a really, unequivocally good job by Coach (Robert) Prunty. It came down to a finish of being in a conditions where we wanted to uncover these guys that it was going to be some-more about display him what kind of tellurian we could assistance him turn and what form of actor he could come in and be for us. We had some positions where we unequivocally indispensable to grow on a defensive front, either it be sacking a quarterback or interlude a run, we wanted to get softened there. He gives us that ability. What a illusory player. Coach Brandon Lynch did a good pursuit of identifying him and really, unequivocally operative tough in a routine of recruiting him. We’re vehement to have him entrance in and removing prepared to play during a high turn of football for us.”

Kiante’s ride

The Pirates generated some auspicious inhabitant broadside when outward linebacker Kiante Anderson became a grant player. Anderson played during South Central and Montgomery astounded his mom during her propagandize when he let her know that he son had warranted a full scholarship. The heartwarming story got some inhabitant play.

“I started examination Kiante early partial of a season,” Montgomery said. “I was examination a child who came in and did his job. He wasn’t on any list like blank class, being late to this or late to that. He wasn’t a grant athlete. As we started going by a diversion film, week three, week four, week 5 — he started indeed playing. we was examination his progression. Sometimes we couldn’t trust he was a non-scholarship athlete. We kind of finished it a idea this offseason to unequivocally watch who he was in a community, who he was during school. We have category checkers for usually about each singular category for a guys. It’s a unequivocally tough process. You have to go to propagandize here. I’m 100 percent committed to these guys’ education. We have people checking and Kiante is in a initial 3 rows of a classroom, doing all we ask him to do. He’s always on time. He’s operative his boundary off in village service. He’s doing what we wish him to do in a weight room, on a field, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

“I went to some of a coaches and told them, we consider during this indicate in time a many honourable chairman is Kiante Anderson for a scholarship. All of them were ecstatic given they suspicion that he should have been on scholarship. The routine happened. We started articulate to Brian Overton (director of actor development) and Terrell Smith (assistant jaunty executive for football operations). We talked about some of a aberration of presenting it to Kiante. Brian Overton came adult with, ‘He talks about his Mom each time we accommodate with him.’ we pierce him in 3 or 4 times a year. We pierce all a guys in and we have these meetings. He always starts his conversations articulate about his Mom and what she meant to him. He never, ever asks us for a scholarship. So Brian said, ‘Maybe we should usually give it to him and his Mom.’ Then it kind of grew to what if we go over to South Greenville and present it? Then it kind of came to me that we substantially should do it around Mother’s Day. We motionless to do it around Mother’s Day, tie Mother’s Day in with it. we suspicion it would be good if she was a one who indeed called and told him that he was on full scholarship. It started with Brian Overton and Terrell Smith and it grew to what it was.”

On a pursuit experience

Montgomery has gotten some on-the-job knowledge in his conduct coaching assignment during ECU. He talked about what he had learned.

“Patience with your players, with all you’re perplexing to build, yet not with a process,” Montgomery said. “The process, we put it in place. The substructure has to go in place. Stay on task. That’s a biggest deal. When I got a pursuit at East Carolina, we put together a best staff we presumably could put together during that indicate in time. Now we feel like we’ve put together a best staff for East Carolina because I know East Carolina. we know a kids.

“I consider a hardest thing to do is know each singular celebrity in a structure of what you’re perplexing to do, your substructure and a pillars of your program. Then the roof of your program, that is adore and loyalty, that is a guardian of a program. As we pierce forward, we know accurately what that has to do. The other thing I’ve schooled is that each singular essence on a football group — in a scholarship, out of a grant — is unequivocally so important. Depth wins games. If we had a three-game deteriorate final year, we would have been fantastic. There’s no doubt about it. Our tip guys were good adequate to kick anybody. The problem is we have to continue to have guys given once we get strike with injuries, those guys that come in have to play during a turn as high or aloft than a people that went out. Those are a things that I’ve kind of learned.

“That’s given I’ve worked so tough this offseason, of formulating abyss and we’re not done, and removing softened during each position. we consider we’ve finished that. we consider we’ve gotten softened during each singular position on a football group — from a abyss standpoint and pulling a guys during a tip turn to go to a notch higher.”

Pirate Club summary and response

Montgomery has been on a Pirate Club party circuit, interacting with a fan base.

He was asked about his summary and a response from Pirate Nation.

“The response has been great,” Montgomery said. “We’ve been sanctified during each stop that we’ve left with good crowds and usually strenuous bargain of who we am and what we trust in and what a module is about. With some of a announcements that we’ve been means to make lately, people understand that I’m not usually giving it mouth use yet also a recruitment of certain people that we’re not usually giving it mouth service. The biggest bargain that we wish people to know is that we wish them to be unapproachable of a guys that step out on a margin in purple. That was my categorical idea final year. we knew there were some things we had to do and we indispensable to do and we did it — being means to announce that we had a record-high group GPA for a division is also good news for a Pirate Club. Also, being means to announce, some people would call it a best recruiting category that we’ve ever had. All those things assistance and they know final year all a things that were going on. … There’s always going to be things that occur via a offseason. You demeanour during each group opposite a country, there are certain things that come — dismissals, this and that. But compared to final year with a transfers, how we stabilized a conditions that indispensable to be stabilized.

“We’ve also grown a process. How a kids pronounce to them when we pierce them. We also pierce a kids out on these Armada processes. Just discussion Garrett McGhin and Jimmy Williams speak about where we were and now where we are today. It’s been great. The turnouts have been great. Pirate Club has pushed us to a turn of where we’re going to be above a rest of these teams in this discussion are here in a year just from a comforts standpoint. That will help a recruiting. If we assistance a recruiting that we have here, we can’t trust where we’re going to go unless you’ve been in a recruiting duty or some of a guys that we’ve been means to beat.

“… we consider a Pirate Nation unequivocally enjoys who we play and how we play, those teams so tough over a final few years. We’ve played some really, unequivocally good out of discussion schedules and played during a high level.

“But also, we consider it’s unequivocally vicious that people know that one of a many appealing things — and I’ve let people know in a Pirate Club and Pirate Nation — is a diversion day. That’s what each child says in recruiting. We can’t trust how fun it is to play. … That’s what we’ve delivered to them, just  continue to trust in what we’re doing and that we will be unapproachable of a product. We’re growing. It might not be in sprinting like we would always like yet we’re going in a plain approach that we don’t ever mist paint a car. We’ve unequivocally finished a good pursuit of creation certain that we demeanour during each part, repair every part and put it together a right way. We’re making sure a module is built with some good structure.”

Zay attracting parents

Zay Jones determined new Football Bowl Subdivision annals for catches in a deteriorate and in a career during a 2016 season. (Bonesville repository print by Al Myatt)

Some coaches will tell we that recruiting relatives is as vicious as recruiting players.

The notice of Zay Jones as a indication student-athlete has drawn relatives to a Pirates.

“Zay, who he is, has helped us,” Montgomery said. “Parents, now, are recruiting us given they know that’s a product that we’re branch out. We had a lot of assistance with that product. The prior staff did a good pursuit with him yet especially his relatives did a illusory pursuit with him. When we got him, we were means to usually gloss him in opposite ways on a margin and all else was totally all him. We’re unequivocally happy where he got drafted. we privately don’t consider he got drafted high adequate yet time will tell that.”

Jones, a son of former ECU and Dallas Cowboy linebacker Robert Jones, was a second turn choice of a Buffalo Bills in a new draft.

“He’s usually illusory for this university,” Montgomery said. “If we was chancellor of a university, we would unequivocally be proud. we know Chancellor (Cecil) Staton is intensely unapproachable of him and a chairman that he is. The university has benefitted from Zay Jones as many as a football module and jaunty department.”

Former ECU receivers manager Phil McGeoghan is now receivers manager for a Bills. His attribute with Jones during ECU was successful in a draft.

“He softened have gotten that bargain drafted during that indicate in time,” Montgomery pronounced of his former assistant. “If he wouldn’t have, we substantially would have gathering to Buffalo and had some difference for him. No, he loves him. He pushed unequivocally tough for him. He and we were on content messages. we was on so many phone calls, either it was during a breeze or during a beginning. It was one of those situations, we was commencement to feel like we was a one who was about to get my name called.

“Phil was really, unequivocally useful via a process. we consider he rightly conveyed how good of a chairman and actor Zay was. There was a lot of teams right in that area perplexing to pierce around at a bottom of a initial round. It was a unequivocally chaotic time for Zay and some of a teams. Then we get into a initial partial of a second turn and Phil texted me when they put their label in yet before it was announced, ‘We got him.’ It was so many joy. we knew Rick Dennison (Bills descent coordinator). He coached us out in Denver, both Phil and we were out in Denver when Rick Dennison was a manager on a staff out there. I’m unequivocally gentle with a place that he’s during given of a people. I was usually on a phone with Rick Dennison a few weeks brazen of this. All in all, it worked out. He’s going to be in a unequivocally good situation.”

Jones was traffic with a knee damage shortly after a draft.

“He’ll be behind shortly,” Montgomery said. “I’m not at liberty to contend anything else besides that yet he’ll be behind shortly. This is one of those times of a year when he’ll get a lot of time to get behind and get operative out with OTAs (organized group activities) and afterwards even another large stay before a large camp. He’ll be fine.”

Special teams have special role

The Pirates have addressed depth, softened talent and filled some staff vacancies given going 3-9 altogether and 1-7 in a American Athletic Conference in  2016. The Pirates are relocating brazen with a vigilant of bringing all together and improving.

“I consider a coaches have architecture a good pursuit of entrance together,” Montgomery said. “That’s a descent and defensive staff. They’re spending so many time together now. We’ve even tweaked kind of a way we recruit, to put guys together from a descent and defensive staff standpoint so when they go out and evaluate, they can weigh together, yet that’s also to grow relationships inside of a building. We contest and we wish them to know that we compete. That’s a initial partial of it.

“The second part is a relations between a players and a coaches. Adding Robert Prunty as a associate conduct manager has unequivocally grown what was a good attribute to a very, very good to good relationship.”

Montgomery pronounced Prunty and some of a other coaches have hosted group gatherings and meals.

“They spend a lot of good time together,” Montgomery said. “That’s partial of it. …

“Another partial of it is we’ve got to come into stay prepared to play. We need all hands on deck. Right now, we’re doing a good pursuit in a offseason. They’re self-practicing during a high turn yet we have got to come into stay prepared to play, definition a guys that are combined to a group — they’ve got to use their offseason module not usually to get prepared physically yet mentally to get prepared to play football. we consider that’s going to be finished unequivocally well.

“The subsequent partial of it is, all of a guys have got to be committed 100 percent to play on special teams. All of them. And now, with all this depth, they can be. They don’t have to worry about personification 85 snaps on invulnerability and removing tweaked on special teams or something like that. Those are a things that meant a lot to me. we consider offensively and defensively, we’re going to be a lot softened given of talent. But bringing it all a approach together, we consider special teams can grow our season as many as anything. We have to put softened talent on a margin on special teams. All of that has to come with checking your ego during a door. Not to contend that we had that emanate final year yet we consider that this year, with a lot softened talent, a lot some-more players available. Coaches have built relations for a longer time with these players.

“Those are a things that we have to do to change a win and detriment mainstay from last year.”

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Click here for Recruiting Class of 2018 Thumbnails…


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