Video: Digital Foundry’s Complete Analysis Of Mega Man 11

@NintendoPete You explain a diversion is too easy but

You didn’t play a hardest difficulty. Plus…

Did we use a rigging system?
All a upgrades?
Abuse trainer weaknesses?
Buy additional lives and e-tanks as good as arms energy?

I’m personification superhero mode right now, no rigging or anything. Took me half a diseased only to kick rebound man. In super favourite mode, there are no drops, only gears and everybody hits like a truck, lol. Plus, bosses benefit a new attack, apparently. we never played a easier modes though we listened that’s a case.

I don’t know a suspicion routine behind observant a diversion is too easy, and during a same time, never severe yourself. It’s like hopping in a craft to go somewhere and angry that a outing was “too short”.

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