Video: Crafting a sound of No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ stellar scrutiny diversion No Man’s Sky is a singular project, one that relies heavily on innovative use of procedural era tech.

At GDC 2017, No Man’s Sky sound engineer Paul Weir pennyless down how a diversion also creates use of an innovative outspoken displaying synthesizer plugin and a custom-built generative song complement to safeguard a game’s soundtrack is sundry and reactive to actor action.

It was a fascinating speak that strew light on how No Man’s Sky‘s outspoken tract singularity plugin VocAlien was prototyped and built, as good as how a game’s procedural audio tube was laid out.

Weir also demonstrated how No Man’s Sky heavily relies on a use of a tradition generative song complement that is deeply embedded within a diversion logic, discussed the artistic implications, and laid out how a rope 65 Days of Static were means to both harmonise a normal manuscript and emanate generative soundscapes but compromising their sound.

It was an engaging display that we can now watch for giveaway over on the central GDC YouTube channel!

In further to this presentation, the GDC Vault and a new YouTube channel offers countless other giveaway videos, audio recordings, and slides from many of a recent Game Developers Conference events, and a use offers even some-more members-only calm for GDC Vault subscribers.

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