Updated: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Which console should we buy?

If you’ve got a PS4 Pro, there are a few pivotal differences for games. They embody aloft and some-more fast support rates, yet also a ability to run games in HDR and in local 4K and upscaled 4K resolutions.

There is one premonition to that though, in that Sony has certified a “majority” of PS4 Pro games will be upscaled to 4K rather than natively.

However, there are copiousness of games removing a 4K and HDR treatment, with over 40 of them being patched during launch.

Some of a best PS4 disdainful games are Spider-Man, God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Horizon Zero Dawn.


The PS4 Pro is many softened versed for a PS VR than a stream PS4 interjection to a softened estimate and graphical grunt.

The strange PS4 will still be means to run a PS VR and a compared games, yet a PS4 Pro will give we a many softened and some-more gentle gameplay experience.

The amicable screen, aka what anyone else in a residence can see on a TV shade when you’re low in VR land, is vastly softened over what’s permitted on a possibly of a customary PS4 consoles, nonetheless it’s still not HD fortitude or full screen.

VR diversion developers are also starting to issues PS4 Pro specific rags for PS VR games using on Sony’s latest console.

However, we will premonition this by observant that you’ll need to undo a PS VR if we wish to play games on a PS4 Pro in 4K or with HDR. That’s since a PS VR’s estimate section can’t routine possibly of these new arrangement technologies.

That creates relocating between “normal” PS4 games and PS VR titles a bit of a faff, generally if your PS4 Pro is wedged in any kind of party section where a behind isn’t simply accessible.

The Xbox One X however doesn’t support any kind of practical existence headset during present.

Score one to PS4 Pro.


If we wish a pristine 4K gaming knowledge afterwards we need to get a PS4 Pro. No other distractions or additional facilities means we can concentration on a best graphics on some of a best titles ever made.

The new launches of Spider-Man and God of War have done a PlayStation a series one gaming experience, and a many sole console of a two.

However, if you’re looking for a best 4K home party complement – Blu-Ray enclosed – a Xbox One X is a one to go for.

More rounded, multiplayer games, softened additional facilities and HDR will meant this is a ultimate home party experience.

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