Upcoming ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC ‘Not a Hero’ includes Chris Redfield

Image Credit: Resident Evil Official YouTube Channel

It seems that Capcom’s “Resident Evil 7” DLC leaks are entrance behind with a vengeance. At a unequivocally start of a year, fans of Capcom’s participation fear video diversion already had a trickle of their Trophy list. And now, poignant sum per their “Not a Hero” DLC are floating online.

Fans of one of a worlds longest-running diversion authorization have perceived an early demeanour during an arriving DLC for “Resident Evil 7.” Capcom is set to recover two pieces of downloadable content for “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” Polygon reported.

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The highly-talked about DLC would be a behind partial titled, “Not A Hero,” that stars “Resident Evil” array maestro Chris Redfield. It will be expelled for giveaway though was creatively ostensible to be a partial of a hurl out this past spring.

The central summary of a “Not A Hero” calm reads:

Taking place after a horrific events that befell Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Not a Hero brings a code new knowledge personification as Chris to face new threats not met in a categorical game. As a member of New Umbrella, Chris and group fast set adult a plan to opposite this latest threat. Will Chris once again solve a poser of this latest conflict and make it out of a plantation’s dungeons alive?

The information was serve reliable by Capcom, when screenshots of a arriving DLC patrician “Not a Hero” was suggested during this year’s Tokyo Game Show and where it featured a fan favorite Chris Redfield.

Capcom carrying Chris Redfield shown in a new partial is a step in a right instruction as his impression is obvious and is deliberate to be a maestro in a “Resident Evil” diversion franchise. Seeing a expansion of his character, both narratively and graphically, will be utterly engaging for fans.

Also, carrying “Not a Hero” take place immediately after a events in “Resident Evil 7” gives players a breather from personification a game’s strange protagonist, Ethan Winters. It has unequivocally been utterly a while given Chris Redfield graced a authorization with his participation and with him enclosed in a giveaway DLC is positively a good provide for players.

Being a niggardly commander that was employed by a Umbrella Corporation after a strange comforts were abandoned, Chris Redfield is once again thrown into a pell-mell universe of “Resident Evil,” as a ” Resident Evil 7″ storyline will move him to a indicate where he recovers both a game’s protagonist Ethan Winters and his mother Mia Winters.

However, a exhibit of Redfield is not protected from gamers’ speculations as a temperament of this impression has been left open to discuss via a years. “Resident Evil” enthusiasts consider that this competence not indeed be a genuine Chris Redfield.

But their doubt could be deliberate as satisfactory given Redfield looks wholly opposite from any of his past “Resident Evil” incarnations. His deficiency in storylines of a prior sequels could also give gamers doubt that a masculine half of a Redfield siblings is strictly back.

“Resident Evil 7” is now accessible for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with “Not a Hero” DLC being accessible for all platforms on Dec. 12.

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