UP male gets life in jail for kidnapping, rape, after lady ‘ratchet strapped’ in truck

MARQUETTE, MI – An Upper Peninsula male was condemned to life in jail after authorities pronounced he kidnapped a co-worker final summer during a fishing trip, afterwards kept her captive for a week as he regularly intimately assaulted her.

Authorities were means to giveaway Eric Ruska’s plant when he pulled his lorry into a Shell gas hire in Munising on Jul 14, 2017. The woman, 28, was “ratchet strapped” to a front newcomer seat, her wardrobe ripped and dirty.

Ruska was condemned final Friday in sovereign court. He pleaded guilty final Nov to abduction and aggravated passionate assault.

While sentencing discipline would have called for 30 year behind bars, prosecutors urged a decider to levy a harsher sentence. Ruska had dual prior attack cases on his record for aggressive women.

“Ruska is 37 years old. A judgment within a discipline will assent Ruska a event to be expelled to a open again,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Byerly Birge wrote in justice papers before a sentencing.

“Ruska has shown that he is incompetent to stop raping and violence women. If released, Ruska will rape again and a subsequent time he will expected kill his victim.”

Ruska used his believe of logging roads low inside a Hiawatha National Forest to hedge authorities who were acid for a him.

The co-worker had been reported blank shortly after Jul 8, when she’d concluded to go fishing with Ruska during Chicago Lake in Delta County.

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