Unlock ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Characters in Latest ‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ Event

We absolutely loved Squeenix’s Final Fantasy: Record Keeper [Free] when it was initial expelled in 2015. If you’ve never played it, they fundamentally expelled a giveaway to play Final Fantasy diversion that is packaged to a margin with fan service. In fact, it’d be flattering accurate to report a diversion as fan use wrapped around a classical conflict system. If you’ve been personification all these years, we substantially have loads of classical Final Fantasy characters unlocked. If not, now’s a good time to get started.

An eventuality only kicked off yesterday titled, “Shield of a King.” During this event, you’ll be means to clear characters from Final Fantasy XV, and conflict monsters from a game. Of march there’s all kinds of daily rewards to clear and new players will have entrance to prior dungeons from FF VII, FF X, and FF XIII. I’m not certain how many of a TouchArcade village is still personification this game, though if it’s like many giveaway to play titles, a players still into it are really into it.

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