Undertale Tops Vita Charts in Its First Month

September 8, 2017
Written by Tyler Treese

Undertale Vita

The PlayStation Blog just put out their list of a tip downloaded digital titles for Aug 2017, and Undertale reigned autarchic on a Vita North American charts. Granted, it didn’t have a ton of foe as a rest of a best offered titles were comparison titles, though it was also successful adequate to finish adult being a eighth best in terms of PS4 sales as well.

Other games on a list were a outing by PlayStation Vita memory lane. The God of War Collection came in second, while the Jak and Daxter Collection came in third. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and Minecraft filled out a tip 5 spots.

Check out a tip 10 most downloaded Vita games:

For some-more on Undertale, check out our Undertale Vita review. Here’s a dash of what we had to contend about a quirky role-playing game:

It’s that story that manages to be Undertale‘s biggest accomplishment. Despite a consistent fusillade of stupid jokes and slapstick humor, Toby Fox’s book manages to understanding with some really formidable themes of detriment and love. Under a guise of stupidity is a critical tract that’ll leave a actor meditative about it for months to come. The characters and their stories as people all will final within a actor after a credits roll.

Nearly dual years have upheld given Undertale originally released, and it still manages to be an impossibly uninformed experience. Every conflict is a singular nonplus that a actor has to solve, and it’s unfit to count how many times we laughed during a bad jokes of Sans. I’ll never see all that a diversion has to offer, though that’s okay. I’d rather make friends than destroy them.

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