Undefeated in their final 14 matches, Boston’s Overwatch group is on fire

There was a time when a Boston Uprising wasn’t taken seriously—a rare register lacking punch. Today, a proprietor dim equine of a Overwatch League is a many feared churned register in veteran Overwatch, finishing theatre 3 during a ideal 10 wins and 0 losses—extending their winning strain to 14 games going behind to theatre two. Their extraordinary highway to success has been punctuated by victories over a New York Excelsior, London Spitfire, and Seoul Dynasty—the Korean titans of Overwatch League. 

For Boston, prevalence has come in a form of parsimonious dives, pointing DPS, and an glorious backline. Brutal, elemental Overwatch during a best.


In Overwatch, it’s customarily a categorical tanks who approach traffic. Having people with extensive diversion clarity in your frontline is essential to winning, that is because we typically see Winston players trigger attacks. Things seem to work a small bit opposite for Boston, however.

A few teams have commented on how personification Boston feels opposite from personification any other team. Opposing players contend that Boston’s dives infrequently come from blind spots, and that their tanks conduct to stay dark longer than other teams. This creates it many some-more formidable to deflect off their attacks and find good positioning before to engagement.

Once a fighting starts, YounJin “Gamsu” Noh and Lucas “NotE” Meissner are dual of a best during giving their DPS room to do damage. Gamsu always jumps on a right aim during a right time as Winston, and NotE plays an assertive character of D.Va that allows him to understanding poignant repairs via engagements. Postgame statistics customarily uncover really considerable repairs outlay from both of these players—a covenant to a potential of Boston’s dive game.


It’s no tip now that healers in Overwatch are obliged for many some-more than babysitting everyone. Every singular group has a support battery that consists of one complicated hitter, such as Zenyatta, and one categorical healer, such as Mercy. Through a multiple of confidence and coordination, SeHyun “Neko” Park and Kristian “Kellex” Keller sojourn one of a many underrated support squads in a league. 

Neko in sold has held a courtesy of analysts over a march of a initial season. According to Winston’s Lab, Neko scored 4.83 kills per 10 mins as Zenyatta opposite a Los Angeles Gladiators final night, and accounted for 14.65 percent of Boston’s kills. By comparison, Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara scored 3.62 and 11.69 percent for a Gladiators, respectively. Neko’s ability to stay alive, duel, and get critical kills allows Boston to concentration on attacks that don’t need to be built off of Zenyatta’s ult Transcendence. 

While Neko keeps opponents busy, Kellex is typically on recovering duty. His Mercy play has been unusual as of late, that tends to go unappreciated in this meta. Kellex’ ability to lurch between teammates in need while staying alive himself gives Boston’s pushes utterly a bit of longevity. He’s also shown off some skills as “Battle Mercy” a time or two, regulating Valkyrie to follow down opponents who get too tighten or wandering too distant out of position. 


Boston’s DPS diversion came into doubt when Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez was discharged from a team following allegations of inapt function with underage fans. DreamKazper was one of a league’s rising stars who helped put Boston on people’s radar. Good thing for a team, Nam-Ju “Striker” Gwon upped his game, and Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov managed to fill some rather vast shoes. 

Striker has always been good, though given DreamKazper’s departure, Boston’s proprietor Tracer has been zero brief of godlike. He gets outrageous numbers and high value picks in dive situations, and he’s always means to hurt people’s day as a flanker. He finished with a absurd 63-24 kill to genocide ratio opposite a Gladiators, with 12.09 kills per 10 minutes. There competence be improved Tracers in a league, though Striker has been a ideal fit for Boston.

Mistakes was a genuine X-factor in a post-DreamKazper era. With Striker on Tracer, Mistakes had to wear several hats, including Widowmaker, Soldier:76, Sombra, and fundamentally any other DPS that was compulsory per indicate or map. The formula have been really good. Mistakes has been acceptable on Widowmaker, that is huge. With each group carrying a world-class Widow, this wasn’t an area Boston could means to remove belligerent on. The approach it’s worked out, Mistakes has had time to grow and urge interjection to Striker going nuts on Tracer. 

Stage 3 finals

Since Boston has a best record, they’ll select who they face initial in a theatre 3 finals. This won’t be an easy choice—the New York Excelsior, Los Angeles Valiant, and Los Angeles Gladiators are all glorious teams. The home throng will positively wish one of a teams from LA to make an coming in a Grand Final, though it will many expected come down to one of a many ancestral rivalries in sports history—New York contra Boston. 

Should Boston find themselves in a compare opposite New York, they will have to play a comprehensive best Overwatch they’ve ever played in their careers. Despite their ideal record in theatre three, Boston is still a loser in a New York matchup. But Boston has degraded New York before, and they know that their code of teamwork has overcome tender ability in a past. As usual, a pivotal to feat will be mitigating NYXL’s repairs outlay and being intelligent when Do-Hyeon “Pine” Kim is on Widowmaker.

Be certain to watch a theatre 3 finals of Overwatch League tomorrow, starting during 1:00 PM PST on Twitch, to see if Boston has what it takes to sojourn undefeated by a really end. 

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