Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – we’ve played it!

Similarly to a treasure-hunting gameplay in A Thief’s End, new discoveries and riddles solved fleshes out your altogether information of your finish goal, with a map one of a executive tools to this. Specifically, you’re looking during 3 tombs that need to be finished in sequence to allege a story, though we can do these in any sequence we see fit, while a series of side-quests emerge during your scavenging that also go towards a some-more finish finish. One of these tasks players with anticipating “Hoysala Tokens”, tiny bullion treasures with singular images on them associated to a ancient makeup of a Western Ghats. Our Naughty Dog handler, one Scott Lowe (senior communications manager during Naughty Dog), was decorous on their purpose, though we did find a wall in that we could container them that was also made as a mill map. The images, as mentioned, describe to opposite tools of a playspace, and so it doesn’t seem like too most of a widen to advise a tokens need to be placed in this map in association with with a images, expected in sequence to open adult something cool.

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