Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review

If Uncharted: The Lost Legacy unequivocally is the final Uncharted diversion from developer Naughty Dog, afterwards it’s going out on a clever note.

Though primarily announced as downloadable calm for final year’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Lost Legacy is many some-more than a elementary appendage or expansion. Sony has given shifted The Lost Legacy to “stand-alone” status, and for good reason: This is a real, full Uncharted game. It’s shorter than a other entries in a series, sure, yet it’s also as entirely developed, enterprising and gratifying of an adventure.

The biggest warn — and maybe a explanation of judgment for destiny Sony developers who might take a shot during a Uncharted authorization after Naughty Dog has changed on — is that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy pulls all of this off yet a assistance of longtime protagonist Nathan Drake. In fact, during times it feels improved for his absence.

This screenshot from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy shows categorical characters Nadine and Chloe station in ancient hull of some sort. A front is manifest in a foreground, and a mosaic is manifest on a wall in a background, along with blazing torches.

Naughty Dog/Sony

Set after a events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Lost Legacy has players step into a purpose of Chloe Frazer, a before messenger of Drake’s and associate value hunter who hasn’t been featured in a diversion given 2011’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Chloe finds herself in India in a midst of a polite war, acid for a value called a Tusk of Ganesh.

For assistance on her quest, Chloe enlists a services of Nadine Ross, a niggardly personality introduced in Uncharted 4. After a events of that game, a undone Nadine has taken a mangle from a war-for-hire business, opting instead to join a value hunt.


In further to including a full multiplayer member from Uncharted 4, The Lost Legacy has a new commune “Survival Arena Mode.” we had singular time with a multiplayer before to launch, yet my feelings are about a same as they were for a before game’s multiplayer: It’s … fine. It’s receptive adequate to burst into a diversion any time, yet we many cite a wave-based commune options to a rival mode. But in reality, multiplayer isn’t since I’ve ever left to a Uncharted series; if that’s a primary pull for you, we might wish to find out a delegate opinion some-more focused on that element.

The dichotomy between Chloe and Nadine creates for a ideal pairing. Chloe is constantly joking; she’s kind of selfish; and she always fucks adult and creates people insane during her. She is, basically, a ideal womanlike counterpart of Nathan Drake. Nadine, on a other hand, is passed critical to a error and goes out of her proceed to reason others during a distance. It’s a strife of personalities stronger than anything a array has had before. It creates for some really interesting and moving scenes as these dual solemnly swell from hardly station any other to maybe arrange of being friends.

The Lost Legacy also attempts to solve an emanate I’ve seen a Uncharted array faulted for in a past: It gives a categorical impression a personal tie to both a value being wanted and (more importantly) a environment itself. As someone with Indian heritage, Chloe isn’t simply looking to raid a ancient prizes of her culture. As a story moves along, it becomes increasingly transparent that Chloe legitimately cares about her country’s past and, indeed, a destiny that’s being threatened by a distracted polite war.

That doesn’t meant that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gives adult on all of a series’ nonsensical gameplay concessions, however. Though players are determining a new categorical impression in a form of Chloe, many of a core gameplay is customary to a scarcely decade-old array during this point. You stand by aged hull and adult mountainsides. You solve elementary puzzles. And we spend a lot of time stealing behind cover and popping out to fire dozens of faceless niggardly bad guys in a head.

This screenshot from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy shows categorical characters Nadine and Chloe in a center of a vast gunfight. Nadine is punching an rivalry to one side, while Chloe aims a gun during 4 other enemies who are coming by some shoal wate

Naughty Dog/Sony

The sharpened has always been a uncanny component of a Uncharted games — something that has felt like it was there some-more out of prerequisite than since it serves a diversion thematically. That’s still a case; it stays a small off-putting to control a categorical impression who guns down hundreds of indistinguishable soldiers via a march of a diversion usually to switch to desirable and humorous in a cutscene 5 mins later.

But as was a box with Uncharted 4 before it, The Lost Legacy is in a best position for a array so distant from a pristine “Is it fun to play?” perspective. The game’s sharpened areas are brilliantly designed. They’re large, charity a actor mixed paths to approach, side and outmanoeuvre enemies, yet also charity those same advantages to a enemies themselves. It’s not probable to steep behind a initial square of cover we see and solemnly take out each rivalry in a area. The diversion forced me to keep Chloe on her feet in combat, hopping between opposite pieces of cover and looking for any advantage we could get.

The upsurge of quarrel also encourages inexhaustible use of The Lost Legacy’s updated m�lange quarrel system. When Chloe gets into m�lange operation and starts punching, players contingency use a few opposite buttons — one for punching, one for dodging, one for tackling and struggling opposite binds — to take down enemies. This complement is a small unrefined, and timing your symbol presses can be tricky, generally in one of a game’s final trainer fights, yet it also leads to some good moments of spectacle. we quite enjoyed Chloe and Nadine’s team-up moves, that occur naturally and yet holding divided your control whenever Nadine is circuitously during a m�lange fight.

The biggest change between Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and before games in a array lies in one specific segment of a game: a Western Ghats. Touted by Naughty Dog as a biggest singular turn a group has ever built for an Uncharted game, a Ghats find a studio flirting with open-world gameplay. Chloe and Nadine will arrive during a Ghats an hour or so into Lost Legacy, and for a subsequent several hours, players have a leisure to tackle mixed objectives opposite a vast map.

Though a developer has bragged about a distance of a Western Ghats, a best thing about this turn is indeed that it’s not too huge. It would have been easy for an overeager developer to enhance a distance as large as it could and rest on a fact that Chloe and Nadine have a jeep to expostulate around in. Instead, Naughty Dog done a comparatively compelled turn — bigger than any before Uncharted level, sure, yet zero like a full open-world diversion map — yet one that’s open to try during your possess pace, to take on side objectives or rush uncontrolled to a goal. It doesn’t feel like stuffing in any way, and that’s critical to a game’s pacing.

(Also, a discretionary puzzles dark in a Western Ghats embody some of a trickiest puzzles in a series’ history, yet we solved all of them, and we am proud of that.)

This screenshot from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy facilities categorical impression Chloe in a emporium in India. The emporium is full of several wares, including colorful clothes. A immature lady sits behind a counter, and a design of a male is unresolved on a wall behind her

Naughty Dog/Sony

As common for a series, The Lost Legacy’s pacing is also helped along by a array of heated setpieces. Most of these don’t feel quite new or opposite from anything seen in Uncharted games adult to this point, yet they do feel like a studio during a tip if a game.

The game’s culmination deserves a special callout for how overwhelming it is. we won’t spoil a accurate unfolding here, yet it radically reimagines one of a best moments from a past games and creates it even wilder. The usually downside? At a few moments in this final chapter, a game’s framerate inexplicably collapsed, acrobatics to singular digits for a conspicuous widen of time. That was a usually vital bug we encountered in my time with The Lost Legacy, and it didn’t hurt a magic, yet it positively gave me pause.


I went into Uncharted: The Lost Legacy awaiting a light stand-alone adventure, yet it turns out to offer a many larger purpose. Despite a new protagonist, this diversion serves as a jubilee of all a Uncharted array has come to paint over a decade of mostly clever releases from Naughty Dog. And because of a new protagonist, it also offers a glance into what a authorization could turn in a future, with some new developer heading a way. Naughty Dog did right by the memories here, and we wish that whoever takes on Uncharted subsequent does right by them.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was reviewed regulating a pre-release “retail” PlayStation 4 download formula supposing by Sony. You can find additional information about Polygon’s ethics process here.

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