Uncharted: The Lost Legacy PS4 Review: Another Game of a Year contender from Sony

Don’t be mistaken though, a diversion itself here is unequivocally Uncharted.

Every pierce and movement set square feels informed – infrequently overly informed in a singular critique of a series.

And if you’ve played an Uncharted before you’ll take to The Lost Legacy like a steep to water.

The gun play, running, jumping and wire overhanging all fast turn second inlet interjection to Naughty Dog’s well-honed joypad play.

And a initial half of this epic singular actor debate does feel rather of a re-tread of past glories notwithstanding a glossy new characters holding a story together.

It’s not until a second half where a diversion unequivocally gets into rigging and finds it possess voice with Chloe and Nadine.

Like Uncharted 4, The Lost Legacy looks pleasing on a normal PS4 and officious beautiful on a PS4 Pro.

It unequivocally pushes a machine’s graphics label to a boundary and shows there’s still copiousness for developers to do to get even some-more out of a console.

The backdrops of jungle vistas and Indian dwellings demeanour stunningly colourful.

And a minute-by-minute gameplay animation stuns as they switch behind and onward with realistic cut-scenes detailing a ton of tension on well-recreated impression faces.

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