UNCHARTED: THE LOST LEGACY Proves You Don’t Need Nathan Drake

Whether or not a authorization can means itself following a depart of a categorical impression is a quandary I’m certain studio execs a universe over onslaught with, generally after contracts start to expire. It’s many reduction of an emanate in video games, given that flattering many we can make Batman or Mario or Mega Man games forever. But Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted array was different; this was a authorization built around a exploits of one adventurer and his cohorts. Could an Uncharted diversion work yet Nathan Drake? The recently expelled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy proves resoundingly yes.

For 4 of a many sparkling and cinematic action-adventure games ever, Nathan Drake traversed a creation looking for ancient artifacts and contending with warlords and megalomaniacs focussed on regulating these treasures for their possess end. Naughty Dog gave us these extraordinary set pieces along with enchanting stories about people and their relationships; Nate’s uneasy intrigue with Elena, his loyalty to his coach Sully, his shame about his long-lost hermit Sam. Drake’s not only a brute with a gun and a believe of antiquities, he’s a difficult chairman who tries to change a unchanging life with carrying this lust for discovery. And when we finish personification Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, we positively feel like Nathan Drake’s tour is complete.

But Uncharted‘s isn’t. Perhaps some-more than anything, a preference to make The Lost Legacy some-more than only a DLC was a exam to see if a mechanics of a game–puzzle solving, mad platforming, increasingly large gun battles–would work yet Nate. Those mechanics are impossibly strong; tons of other games in years given have attempted to divert it, including a mostly good Tomb Raider reboot in 2013 and a somewhat underwhelming follow-up. And in sequence to exam it out, they done another impression people adore a categorical character, yet altered adult a form of story it can tell.

Chloe Frazer (Claudia Black) was a Han Solo-ish brute of Uncharted 2 and 3, and this is in a diversion array where your lead impression is already Han Solo. She was funny, she was sexy, she was brash, and she was unconditionally able of holding her own. Making her a playable impression in The Lost Legacy was a talent move, and they deepened her by giving her a relatable backstory about following in her father’s footsteps and display during turns that she’s not perfect, and she lets her friends down, only like all of us.

Here, Chloe is partnered with Nadie Ross (Laura Bailey), who was a personality of a niggardly organisation operative for a knave in Uncharted 4. She was a challenging counter for a Drake Brothers, yet by a finish of a diversion we comprehend she’s not in it for power, she was only doing a job, and left before a shit unequivocally strike a fan.

Now carrying her work with Chloe gave a diversion makers dual informed faces to follow, yet not a ton of story between them. We get to watch as Chloe, a jokey, untroubled value hunter, and Nadine, a by-the-book mercenary, have to learn to work together and forge a genuine friendship. In a prior games, all of Nate’s friends and allies were really clearly ancillary characters, yet in this game, even yet Chloe is a actor character, both she and Nadine are critical to a story. Nadine does things Chloe can’t, and it’s their total believe and ability set that allows a story to grow and a journey to continue.

Without giving divided anything for those who haven’t finished playing, a perfection of The Lost Legacy feels like a commencement of something, not a finish of it. The partnership of Chloe and Nadine is validated and they set their sites on new chances for happening and glory. This is a proceed a similar, non-video diversion authorization could take with destiny due projects: a Indiana Jones films.

Obviously, Uncharted would expected not exist if not for a change on some turn of a Indiana Jones series, yet with 2008’s The Kingdom of a Crystal Skull, a films valid that they’d never dream of creation a film yet Jones himself, no matter how aged he is. Talk of rebooting a authorization and casting a younger actor gave approach to a stream devise of, welp, let’s only have Harrison Ford play Indy again, since apparently a whole authorization is only that one guy.

While we didn’t adore Crystal Skull, introducing a impression of his son, Mutt Lang, was a good idea, and should have ushered in a possibility for a new take during raiding destiny mislaid arks. Because, if Indiana Jones’ story finished in 1989’s The Last Crusade, it really finished during a finish of Crystal Skull. But Naughty Dog was peaceful to take a possibility that Disney/Lucasfilm/Paramount evidently wasn’t; it’s unsure to change a series’ concentration off of a really renouned character, yet faith in a judgment and faith in a ability to emanate and implement a other characters we have.

At any rate, after personification Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, we wasn’t left saying, “Yeah, that was fun, yet we wish Nathan Drake had been in it.” we was saying, “Holy cow, that was great! we wish 5 some-more Chloe and Nadine games!” When we have solid, addicting gameplay, pleasing visuals, and compelling, humorous characters we caring about, it’s Uncharted, no matter who’s shooting.

Images: Naughty Dog, Paramount

Kyle Anderson is a Associate Editor for Nerdist. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Twitter!

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