Uncharted The Lost Legacy: Naughty Dog on picking Chloe, The Last of Us and destiny PS4 DLC

When we were kind of putting these treatments together, was it always kind of nailed on that Nathan Drake was not to be a partial of it?

Margenau: That was a one thing that had to be true, for that finale of Uncharted 4 to be meaningful. We could have left down a track of The Last of Us Left Behind where we like fill in something from Nathan Drake’s story and that kept entrance adult since of Left Behind, though with Uncharted 4, that was a end, we pronounced all we indispensable to contend about Nathan Drake so we wanted to do something fresh.

From a growth standpoint, is there anything new going on that we competence not have been means to embody in a Uncharted games that came before?

Margenau: we meant mechanically there are things that we wanted to try in some-more depth, so we’re unequivocally pulling exploration. We have some big, large levels in a game, we have a pulling back, Chloe also has a new close collect automechanic that we showed in a PSX demo.

Escayg: This is a sum of all a Uncharted games so far. We’ve high heated combat, large explorations, we even went behind to some of a progressing Uncharted games and looked during how we scaled a distance of those archaeological sites and hull to assistance us here. We play out a consternation and a poser behind things a lot some-more with The Lost Legacy.

Margenau: We also brief account as most as we could into a gameplay, we’re unequivocally building on a things that we learnt with a prior Uncharted games. We’re constantly pulling a PS4, pulling a graphics, pulling everything.

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