Uncharted: The Lost Legacy hopes to infer there’s life over Nathan Drake

Stumbling out of a mid-air craft pile-up in Yemen. Clinging to a sight hurtling by a Himalayas. Flooring a jeep around Madagascar. Few video games constraint big-screen thrills like Uncharted.

Naughty Dog’s authorization is eminent for channelling Indiana Jones’ archaeological adventures and Mission: Impossible’s epic blockbuster set-pieces — and charity gaming’s many bomb action.

But like all good series, it’s elaborating to tarry — bringing out unsure semi-sequel Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, that competence only infer there’s life over strange protagonist Nathan Drake.

For a story of that Harrison Ford-esque favourite — armed with a grappling offshoot and unconstrained quips — was wrapped adult orderly in 2016’s riveting Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. So what’s next?

Evolution of a hero: stills from from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

“Drake’s story was finished and we didn’t wish to revisit him,” Josh Scherr, co-writer of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, explains. So rather than starting an all-new saga, The Lost Legacy shifts concentration to Drake’s former ally, Chloe Frazer, teaming her adult with Uncharted 4 sub-villain Nadine Ross on an journey in a jungles of India.

“Chloe was a fan favourite from Uncharted 2 and 3, yet when we were doing early growth on Uncharted 4, she didn’t fit into a story. We felt like The Lost Legacy would be a good event to move her back,” says Scherr. “As for Nadine Ross, she’s alive during a finish of a final game. Even when she was operative with a categorical knave she was eccentric and had her possess agenda.”

The Lost Legacy channels Uncharted’s sharp-witted discourse into an odd-couple energetic between Chloe and Nadine. “They’re both unequivocally able yet Chloe is some-more off-the-cuff and improvisational, since Nadine is some-more troops and tactical and likes to be precise,” Scherr explains. “We suspicion those dual perplexing to work together would make for some enchanting dispute and interplay.”

The Lost Legacy began life as a DLC enlargement for Uncharted 4 yet shortly spiralled into a possess “very estimable game” due to, Scherr observes, Naughty Dog’s “inability to make something small”. Rather than holding a technological burst brazen like prior sequels, it simply re-examines what Uncharted indeed is when we mislay a lead character.

“Everybody now knows Nathan Drake flattering well. What’s cold about a array is that there’s always a thought of a incomparable universe of rogues and thieves,” says Scherr. “In Uncharted 4, it’s transparent that Nadine Ross and [Drake’s companion] Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan have met during some point.

This is only a universe where everybody bumps into everybody else, so what are some of these other stories that we’ve never seen?”

If a leads are different, a gameplay is classical Uncharted: sensuous outlandish locations, shoot-outs in ancient ruins, pulse-raising movement beats and brain-teasing puzzles.

As good as all-out action, Naughty Dog is also famous for a retaining storytelling — a developers also combined acclaimed baleful presence fear The Last of Us. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is as character-driven as their other adventures.

“Chloe, detached from being a series’ initial womanlike protagonist, has a conflicting mindset to Nathan Drake,” reveals Scherr.

“He always had a favourite complex, peaceful to chuck himself into risk and try to save other people during a cost of his possess existence. Chloe’s a conflicting — she’s some-more unsentimental and about self-preservation. That aspect of her personality, that mostly means abandoning people, is put to a exam in this game.”

The Lost Legacy opens new intensity for Uncharted relocating forward, yet it’s capricious if a rumoured Sully spin-off will also come to fruition. For now, Naughty Dog is focused on another hotly expected sequel.

“The Last of Us: Part II is watchful in a wings for a rest of a group to start pier on,” Scherr confirms. “Who knows what a destiny holds, and never contend never, yet we all adore Uncharted so maybe there’ll be something else. This is an enchanting exam of a water, only to see.”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is out now

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