Uncharted: Nathan Fillion Is Nathan Drake in Short Film

You competence have finished Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, though Nathan Drake’s story is distant from over. This morning, Director Allan Ungar denounced a overwhelming Uncharted live-action fan film starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. Fillion’s opening is positively inspired, and we meant that. This is Nathan Drake done flesh. His appearance, his attitude, and his one-liners are mark on, and after examination this, we’re assured that Fillion was innate for this role.

No loyal burglar or adventurer will ever spin down a good poser and a guarantee of immeasurable and banned riches. Lucky for us, that’s accurately what Nate and Sully are chasing in this film. Without spoiling too much, anyone who has played a Uncharted games will know what to design here. Nate has once again found himself in a center of an heated and dangerous situation. He competence take a few licks, though it’s all for a rob — and there’s some critical rob during a finish of this paper trail.

The brief ends on swinging cliff-hanger that would make Nick Cage remove his fragile, map-loving mind. We’re anticipating to God that there’s a supplement to this fan film in a works, since we’d adore to see Nathan and Sully’s journey collect adult accurately where it left off.

Will we see Nadine or Chloe in a subsequent film? We know that a Uncharted series has kindly directed divided from Nathan Drake lately, and while that done long-time array fans rather sad, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is positively one of a best games set in a Uncharted universe, if not a best. Chloe and Nadine could really good consequence their possess brief film series, and we’d be there to watch day-one.


As for Nate and Sully, we wish to see them on a large shade some time soon. We know that an Uncharted movie is in a works, though it will be a prequel of sorts, featuring Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland as a immature Nathan Drake. The purpose of Sully has been adult in a air, with several actors rumored to be eyeing a role, including Bryan Cranston.

As for Ungar and this short-film project, they have a pinnacle support. In reduction than 15 mins they were means to drive us divided on an Uncharted adventure that boasts a lightsome caprice that we suffer so most when personification a games. If a organisation comes behind for partial two, we’ll let we know true away!

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