Uncharted 4 Amy Hennig Controversy Highlighted in Book

September 10, 2017
Written by Zarmena Khan

uncharted 4 amy hennig

If you’re one of those who followed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from a proclamation by to a release, afterwards chances are you’ll remember a high form departure of Amy Hennig alongside a few other developers from Naughty Dog. The game’s growth went by a brief duration of troubles, that gave birth to rumors that she was suspended by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, call an official response from a studio denying a allegations.

While we don’t know what accurately transpired, Jason Schreier’s recently expelled book Blood, Sweat, and Pixels offers an engaging discernment into Uncharted 4‘s growth – from accounts of resources surrounding Hennig’s abdication to a strange ideas about Sam Drake’s purpose in a game. You can find some excerpts pleasantness of Reddit user wellgun3 below though we advise we to ensue with counsel as they enclose some spoilers.

Uncharted 4, as Hennig envisioned it, would deliver a universe to Nathan Drake’s aged partner, Sam. We hadn’t seen Sam in prior Uncharted games, since for fifteen years Nathan had suspicion he was dead, left behind during a Panamanian jail shun left awry. In Hennig’s chronicle of Uncharted 4, Sam would be one of a categorical villains, sour toward Nathan for withdrawal him to die.

Over a march of a story, as Nathan attempted to lift divided from his roots as a value hunter, a actor would find out that he and Sam were indeed brothers. Eventually they’d reanimate their attribute and harmonize opposite a game’s genuine antagonist, a nasty burglar named Rafe (voiced by a actor Alan Tudyk) who had served time with Sam in prison.

Some contend a Uncharted 4 group didn’t get a staff and resources it indispensable to survive, since The Last of Us and Left Behind had vacuumed adult so most of Naughty Dog’s attention. Others contend that Amy Hennig had difficulty creation decisions and that a nascent diversion wasn’t moulding adult really well. Some who were operative on Uncharted 4 wished that there was a some-more cohesive direction. Others suspicion it was ideally understandable, deliberation how tiny a Uncharted 4 staff was, that a diversion hadn’t coalesced yet.

Several people who have worked for Naughty Dog contend Druckmann and Straley stopped saying eye-to-eye with Hennig, and that they had elemental disagreements on where to take a Uncharted series. When Hennig left, she sealed a non-disparagement agreement with a studio that would forestall both her and Naughty Dog from creation disastrous open comments about what had happened, according to people informed with a arrangement.

Worth observant that Hennig declined an talk ask for a book. Interesting info, nonetheless.

Head over to Blood, Sweat, and Pixels‘ publisher listing for some-more info on a book.

[Source: Reddit]

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