‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ Sold An Incredible 8.7 Million Copies In 2016

Photo: Naughty Dog

Sony is rolling out some considerable stats this CES, including 53 million PS4s sold. But one figure jumped out during me in particular, a fact that Sony says they’ve sole 8.7 million units of Uncharted 4. That’s sold, not shipped, and that’s an positively startling array of copies for a one-platform diversion by someone not named Nintendo.

Lifetime sales for a prior 3 Uncharted games are estimated during about 5 million, 6.6 million and 6.7 million respectively, so 8.7 is a poignant leap, and it’s customarily been about 7 and a half months given UC4’s release.

Uncharted 4 debuted to soap-box reviews, braggadocio a 93 on Metacritic, and hovering nearby a tip of many GOTY lists, including my own. But even still, those sales total are out of this universe for a diversion that’s customarily come out on accurately one system. You don’t mostly hear that many companies peaceful to give out accurate sales total for particular games these days, yet clearly this is a bragging indicate for Sony, and one that maybe make them wish a Uncharted array hadn’t finished so conclusively, yet DLC is on a approach this year, and it’s wholly probable a array continues on though Nathan Drake as a lead (this is not a spoiler per his predestine in UC4, by a way).

It’s tough to review Uncharted 4 to other games since of how cloudy many sales total are, yet something like Xbox’s Halo 5 sole around 5 million units by final count, while final gen’s God of War 3 sole about 5 million as well. The customarily association that customarily sells exclusives anywhere nearby this high is Nintendo opposite a home consoles and handhelds. Every other diversion that sells during this tallness is customarily cross-platform on PC, Xbox and/or PlayStation. Looking during a tip selling, single-platform games of all time, a customarily non-Nintendo offerings are a likes of Kinect Adventures on Xbox (which came in a bundle), GTA: San Andreas on PS2 and a strange Sonic a Hedgehog on Genesis.

Photo: Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4 might itself have gotten utterly a boost from PS4 bundles, as it’s one of a many common games sole with new consoles. The high sales volume of a PS4 total with a must-have interest of Uncharted means that a dual propelled any other to increasing sales, and these total uncover a scarcely 20% insert rate of a diversion to a console, that is utterly high by non-Nintendo standards.

Sony will wish to replicate this success with The Last of Us 2, Naughty Dog’s other budding, behemoth franchise. By final count, between a strange recover and a PS4 remaster, The Last of Us sole around 8 million copies, that is right adult there with these Uncharted stats. A supplement could simply tip that mark, generally given a large implement bottom of a PS4 that is customarily going to grow over a march of a subsequent year.

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