‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ DLC news: ‘Lost Treasures’ multiplayer enlargement out now

While fans energetically wait for enlargement calm for a story of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” developer Naughty Dog has rolled out a new DLC and patch refurbish for a multiplayer mode.

In an announcement posted on a U.S. PlayStation Blog, it is suggested that a “Lost Treasures” DLC has left live for a game, as good as a new patch 1.08 update. The new “Lost Treasures” DLC is a initial post-launch calm dump for a multiplayer mode of “Uncharted 4,” so Naughty Dog has combined a vast collection of in-game calm bonuses for multiplayer fans.

The new DLC has a new map called a Sunken Ruins. Though some locations are already seen in a single-player campaign, a new area is spawn with new locations such as parsimonious corners and H2O side routes. There are also a series of new gameplay items, such as a collection of weapons, boosters, and visionary items.

Meanwhile, aside from a new enlargement content, a new refurbish also brings a new patch to “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.” Patch 1.08 is now live, and brings a series of improvements and tweaks in a complement and gameplay for a title. Most remarkable on a changes is introducing a new Level System for a multiplayer mode. Now, hardcore fans will strech maestro standing by leveling up, and any levels will move some new diversion equipment from Relics or Chest rewards for any turn up. The limit turn for a new complement is turn 70, and players will get a singular Vanity object each 5 levels.

With a new DLC already out for a multiplayer, some fans are wondering when Naughty Dog will recover an enlargement for a single-player campaign. Reportedly, a developer has already hinted on a development. It seems that while a studio is meditative of carrying an enlargement container for “Uncharted 4” single-player missions, it will be a while before fans can see it, with a beginning probable roll-out starting in early 2017.

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