Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure Review — An Underwhelming Package

As 3D platformers such as Snake Pass and Yooka-Laylee have started to make a resurgence this year, problems with a genre that were dark behind large walls of nostalgia are apropos some-more noticeable. Memories of fussy cameras, over-sized worlds and gimmicky control sections are starting to resurface as a genre creates a comeback, and new 3D plaformers are descending plant to some of these these issues. Unfortunately, while Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure has a singular grounds and fun control scheme, it fails to shun from some of a accoutrements of obtuse games in a genre.

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure has a singular grounds and fun control scheme, it fails to shun from some of a accoutrements of obtuse games in a genre.”

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure has one of a some-more engaging premises in new memory; players control a suggested Newbie, a customizable, super modernized self-delivering box. Newbie works for a Global Postal Service, that is ran out of “Other Base,” — a plcae clearly styled after Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The diversion has utterly a few other singular and desirable references to prior games, yet they stay humorous and never get rude or annoying.

The idea of a diversion is to try to utterly a few opposite areas, completing tasks and collecting stamps to eventually improved a immorality Greaser-inspired “Wild Cards” that is led by Boss Wild. It’s a flattering offbeat premise, yet Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure does a many it can with it. While a story took itself too severely during a integrate points, and a integrate of a jokes missed, it mostly comes out unequivocally plain  as a workable framing device to move Newbie to new places.

Unbox: Newbies Adventure Review -- An Underwhelming Package

The “self-delivering” aspect of Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure adds a singly lovely spin to normal 3D plaforming. Movement is unequivocally loose, as it simulates a feeling of a box rolling. Unlike many platformers, jumping is indeed mapped to L1. While this might seem ungainly during first, a chain indeed complements another jumping ability that is mapped to R1 — unboxing. Unboxing give Newbie an additional jump, and players can do it adult to 6 times, creation it both easy and fun to span large distances.

If we do come opposite a irritating Wild Cards, Newbie can impact to a ground, knocking enemies out. Players can also collect adult special power-ups such as fireworks that can be used to quarrel enemies. Enemies also have special weapons that can impede Newbie by doing things such as promulgation him drifting into a atmosphere by attaching balloons to him. Combat is never unequivocally difficult, yet can still be fun nonetheless.

Occasionally players will have a possibility to take control of vehicles, however they hoop horribly. They use tank controls, yet are somehow also unequivocally sleazy and lax during a same time. we customarily avoided these if we could, since jumping and unboxing via a universe was many some-more fun; yet in a end, we usually wish this diversion had schooled from a impulse that feeble finished gimmicky controls like these customarily usually harm a game.

Traversal is one of a many fun aspects of Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure. While a controls might take a bit for some genre veterans to get used to, once we get into a upsurge of things and start building momentum, transformation is indeed unequivocally fun and rewarding.

Unbox: Newbies Adventure Review -- An Underwhelming Package

Combat is usually a tip of a iceberg though, as like many 3D platfomers, Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is a collectathon. The categorical thing to collect around any universe is stamps, that duty identical to something like Stars in Super Mario 64. Across all of a game’s environments, other boxes wait with certain missions or hurdles for Newbie. These tasks, that can change from personification hide-and-seek with some younger boxes or clearing a Wild Cards out of a town, can infrequently be unequivocally frustrating, yet are all doable. There are also dark stamps for players to find, yet these prominence a game’s biggest issue.

There are 3 categorical areas for players to try in Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure: Paradise Isles, Parcel Peaks, and Isla Cartulina. These areas a pleasant island, snow, and jungle themed respectively. While areas are considerable in size, a levels, many particularly Parcel Peaks, finished adult feeling utterly samey to me. I’d mostly remove my approach when exploring as it can infrequently be unequivocally tough to tell where we are in a universe since it all looks so similar.

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure would have benefited from a map, as it would have during slightest helped me get a improved feel for where we was and where we indispensable to go in any universe during any given time. There is a waypoint complement for a large particular challenges, yet after on in a diversion we are compulsory to find a aforementioned dark stamps in sequence to progress. To that point, we felt a universe wasn’t always good designed adequate for me to naturally find where a dark stamps were. The small hints we could get for any dark stamp unequivocally didn’t assistance possibly because, as we mentioned, many of any map looks identical to any other.

When we was relocating around nonstop, building momentum, holding on Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure’s challenges, we had a ton of fun with a game. Unfortunately, when we was forced to spot out compulsory secrets in samey looking and not deftly designed areas, my fun with a diversion grinded to a halt.

Unbox: Newbies Adventure Review -- An Underwhelming Package

That is since we had a many fun anticipating a discretionary Golden Tape collectibles, and pardon Zippies (which are other Cardboard boxes) from a Wild Cards. They were both placed in areas that speedy exploring, and never halted my course since we didn’t find adequate of them in an area. It’s in this aspect of diversion pattern that Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is means to replicate a attract of a 3D platformer inspiration, and ensures that this pretension will keep completionists unequivocally busy… even if they might get angry when anticipating a integrate of a stamps.


The diversion also has a integrate of technical problem. Due to a distance of a game’s worlds, loading times were extensive (sometimes even longer than a minute) usually to transport between areas. The framerate would also chug semi-frequently when usually roving a world, yet could get worse when a lot was going on on-screen.


The technical problems weren’t adequate to be game-breaking and could be patched out in a future, yet they were positively noticeable. The camera does have 3 opposite settings, that infrequently helps, yet it could still infrequently be a pain to control, and could get flattering irritating in smaller areas.

Unbox: Newbies Adventure Review -- An Underwhelming Package

Keeping with a game’s classical platformer feeling, Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure also facilities split-screen multiplayer, that includes apart modes like Delivery, where players competition any other, Oddbox, where players contingency try to locate another actor that is noted as a suggested Oddbox.  These modes can be unequivocally fun with friends as it puts some-more importance on a game’s rarely singular controls, yet it many expected won’t pass a time spent in singular actor for anyone.

As a fan of 3D platformers, we wish we favourite Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure some-more than we did. The diversion can be unequivocally enjoyable, as a grounds and story are flattering wacky, and a controls are rarely unique, yet still easy to get used to and understand. Some of a simple stamp hurdles and anticipating some collectibles in normal 3D platformer conform does blemish a eagerness that went abandoned by games for so long.

Unfortunately, it falls into some of a same aged accoutrements of a genre that forestall it from fasten a good 3D platformers that it is clearly desirous by. Some worlds are incomparable than they indispensable to be are Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure’s biggest bane; a diversion might have benefited if it had smaller and some-more obvious areas. As it stands, if we are a fan of 3D platformers and are intrigued by this game’s singular control scheme, it’s value giving a shot — usually be wakeful that it can tumble plant to some of a genre’s some-more frustrating problems.

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