UK Retail Charts – Forza Horizon 3 is Top of a Charts This Week

This week in a charts, Grand Theft Auto V is now in second place and is solemnly clawing a approach behind adult a charts after dropping down to third place final week. Forza Horizon 3 is now in 1st place with Fallout 4 dropping all a approach down to 5th place.

Battlefield 1 has now been totally bumped off a charts with Agents of Mayhem drifting in to take 4th place and Dishonored has mislaid 5th place dropping down to 9th place. Completely out of nowhere Now That’s What we Call Sing 2 has flown into a charts holding 18th place.

No outrageous jumps function in a Xbox 360 charts, Minecraft adhering in 2nd place, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and FIFA 17 are all staying clever in a tip 3 positions. Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition has jumped adult from 8th to 4th totally bumping Call of Duty: Black Ops II all a approach down to 11th place. Check out a latest Xbox charts in full below.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Chart Information supposing by UKIE/GfK Chart-Track

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