Two weeks later, tip groups are starting to transparent Final Fantasy XIV’s ‘Ultimate’ raid tier

And transparent videos are a thing now

In midst October, Final Fantasy XIV‘s new “Ultimate” raid, The Unending Coil of Bahamut, dropped. Meant for a tip of a tip (read: we have to kick a raid tier usually 1-10% of any given server has privileged to even enter), this plea is an examination of sorts to see if Square Enix can keep people meddlesome during “catchup” patches, when a new raid tier is in limbo.

For scarcely dual weeks, Ultimate went uncleared, though now people are starting to finish it. The next unnamed organisation privileged it first, though a Free Company (guild) Angered has given cleared, as good as Elysium, Gabagool, and Stardom. As a reminder, this is arrange of an all-stars quarrel with several large bosses from a really initial Bahamut-themed raid that debuted in a 2.0 book of a diversion several years back. It’s a roughly 20 notation conflict though checkpoints, and if we disaster up, you’ll start a trainer rush all over again from a really beginning.

Now that transparent videos and guides are starting to hurl out we’ll substantially see a few some-more completions, though a separator of entrance is so high that they’re not going to be widespread. Honestly, we adore that idea. The tour that a village has taken these past few weeks to collectively transparent it for a common good has been extraordinary — and we like a thought that players are still going to be theorycrafting it for weeks to come.

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