Two Final Fantasy XIV Players Buy Dozens Of Homes, Spark …

Frustration over Final Fantasy XIV’s housing prerequisite has come to a conduct after twin players hurt a lot of others by shopping adult 28 homes in a land-strapped massively multiplayer online game. Now, players are doubt either practical housing is an equal right or a payoff meant for a abounding and over-dedicated.

The twin players bought their homes in a before dull dilemma of a game, a server called Mateus, where they could pursue twin ambitions of luxury and privacy. Their critics contend they’ve hoarded land from dozens of FFXIV citizens, who feel they merit a possibility during housing. That critique has gotten nauseous as players hotly discuss either their elitism—or enterprise for mass amounts of property—has any place in a diversion where everybody pays a same fee.

Martyr Igeyorhm and Seraph Altima

“Given we both came to Mateus for a quiet, it’s clearly worried to have others come in and insult us,” one of a bulk home-owners, a actor who goes by a name Martyr Igeyorhm, told me during a debate of their two-occupant area today. “We’ve had to news people for nuisance a few times.” Her housing partner Seraph Altima agreed, adding, “I consider it’s wrong that people omit a work and usually see themselves being deprived.”



FFXIV has had housing play as prolonged as it’s had houses. When writer Naoki Yoshida introduced housing to FFXIV in 2011, he emphasized fair land distribution. But in a inserted years, housing has turn a quarrelsome subject in a diversion as speculators and thick-pocketed players monopolized skill on large servers. Other times, players didn’t even use a houses they buy; it’s usually a standing symbol.

About 2,500 houses are accessible for any of FFXIV’s servers, that on normal horde over twice that volume of players. Houses aren’t a prerequisite in FFXIV, though owning one means carrying your possess space to entice new raiding friends, horde parties and, many importantly, decorate. Players pulp exuberant wallpaper to their walls, fill bedrooms with forged timber chests and candles and adorn with garlands and bullion trimming. They cost several million FFXIV gil, unfurnished. Fur rugs, wall-to-wall bookshelves, portraits and prohibited tubs ornament a homes of some-more thick-pocketed players who select to penetrate their resources in home decor. Smaller apartments sojourn accessible too, though though a loftiness of a garden or travel opening (and on some servers, houses are still available.)

Out of this pattern frenzy, an FFXIV adaptation of Cribs has even emerged. A year ago, it featured a actor Seraph Altima and her “sanctuary,” finish with a sensuous garden, an attended full bar and mill partitions.

The reporter’s swap comment in Altima and Igeyorhm’s home

Altima had forged out sanctuaries on twin of FFXIV’s many populous servers. There, not even apartments, a reduction sought-after housing option, sojourn on a market. Publisher Square Enix has been adding more plots to keep adult with demand, and will supplement some-more in a future, though right now, there’s not adequate to go around. Over e-mail, a Square Enix deputy told Kotaku that players are usually means to squeeze one residence per character. But since both particular players and Free Companies—FFXIV’s guilds—can possess property, players mangle that charge a lot.



Last year, Altima fled a game’s some-more populous servers and determined her new home on a old-fashioned Mateus. At that point, it was one of a usually servers with a resources of land. She and Igeyorhm claimed 28 plots and suspicion they’d have that space to themselves. Likely, their land covetousness wouldn’t have turn a problem if thousands of refugees hadn’t recently fled booked-up servers acid for uninformed housing frontiers.

Square Enix started offering giveaway server transfers before to FFXIV’s Jun Stormblood expansion, so players who wanted to equivocate a liquid of returning fans could diversion in peace. Mateus, that was unofficially designated a new role-playing server and was still a primitive (and cheap) housing frontier, was fast full of home-scouters. Eventually, a housing options in that server filled up, too. When incoming transfers satisfied that they could no longer squeeze plots on Mateus, of all places, and beheld that twin players owned a plush 28 plots, accusations of fervour and unconcerned covetousness spread. Over Facebook and Reddit, hundreds of players had indignant difference for a purported gentrifiers who felt “entitled” to possess all that skill when so many new transfers (and players still saving up) never had a possibility to carve out a home on Mateus.

Altima and Igeyorhm’s subterraneous library

Altima estimates that their 28 homes, a infancy of an whole ward, cost around 150 million gil. If they had bought that gil, it’d have cost $375. On FFXIV this morning, Igeyorhm described themselves as “omnicrafters,” or players who “make all of a possess equipment and sell other equipment for profit.” (To save a few bucks, many of their taste was done regulating FFXIV’s crafting system, too.) It took a lot of time. And she doesn’t feel contemptible for players who put in reduction effort, or got to Mateus after along with a crowds. On a now-viral Tumblr post in response to open outcry, Altima wrote, “Many people feel entitled to possess a house. They feel that even meaningful there are usually 2,160 plots (soon to be 2,880) on any given server, they can and should be authorised to go during their possess gait and have giveaway opening to any calm they like, including housing. They wish a residence of their own, though they don’t wish to accept that lots of other people wish it badly adequate to work harder for it than they did.”

“Good lord,” a Redditor wrote. “People who aren’t abounding adequate to means houses usually aren’t TRYING tough enough? Not wanting neighbors putting adult ‘ugly’ Paissa houses in ‘MY neighborhood?’ It’s like a many stereotypical abounding posh opinion I’ve ever seen, solely it’s apparently REAL (other than being in a video game).” Another described their actions as “selfishness since this chairman wanted to make a citadel of single-player calm in a multiplayer game.”

Altima and Igeyorhm’s cake shop

I met Altima and Igeyorhm during a opening of Goblet Ward 12 on FFXIV’s Mateus server. There, they fielded my questions while we toured by their cloying two-floor cake shop, picture-perfect schoolyard, gloomy church to a FFXIV deity Zodiark and many, many gardens. Igeyorhm excitedly forked out ice clear formations and effervescent fountains between dives into hand-designed subterraneous libraries and a like. we asked either home construction was something she followed in other games.



“Not really,” she said. “A lot of people like to ask us, ‘Why not play a Sims?’ Because we do so most other stuff!” Igyorhm pronounced that, after her father died, she hasn’t flashy most in genuine life. A few months later, she met Altima, and together they’ve spent an estimated thousand hours curating their 28 plots.

Neither thinks they’re foul eating adult FFXIV’s singular housing resources. They censure Square Enix for not easy players’ passion for home-ownership—at slightest with houses. Although some-more close apartments are accessible on some servers and some-more housing will be combined soon, a problem is some-more of truth than accessibility: Are players entitled to skill in FFXIV—any some-more than they’re entitled to raiding mounts or maestro rewards? Is it a richer players, or a ones with some-more giveaway time to grub out crafting exp, who are some-more entitled to take adult space?

Altima and Igeyorhm’s schoolhouse

I asked Altima and Igeyorhm either they’d give adult any one of their plots for a new send unfortunate for a home. They paused. “These are a memories. Our changed time spent together,” Igeyorhm said.


Of course, some players still consider they should be means to get those houses. “Not everybody needs all in-game,” counters Altima. She argues that she’s not depriving anyone of housing; a plots were dull for years before they took them. “For example, not everybody deserves a Savage raiding mounts if they don’t do Alexander.”

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