Twitter Bots Can’t Stop Snarking About No Man’s Sky And Persona 5

Screenshot: Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

Tons of Twitter bots are still only cinema of bust seeking for your credit label information, yet programmers have also used a format to make some cold shit. Every Teenager Bot and Gradients are honestly fun small experiments that lighten adult my timeline. But any botmaker struggles with removing flagged as spam, and some bots are right on that dicey line.

No Man’s Whine is a transparent instance of a well-intentioned bot that has now outlived a usefulness. This comment was combined in Aug 2016, around a same time that No Man’s Sky came out and perceived poignant recoil from a fandom. The tweets, that have a rigidity of sentences generated by algorithm from a few batch phrases, have devolved into unfunny repetition. The final judgment of any twitter is some kind of hyperbolic hazard or countenance of anguish, and a comment has “whine” in a name, so it’s satisfactory to assume that this was a satirical bot done to ridicule a haters approach behind in 2016.


Two years later, a bot has nothing of that context, and any singular twitter it produces is tagged with “#NoMansSky,” even yet a gripes it mocks hardly ever occur in that tag. If we weren’t a kind of chairman who gave a shit about a No Man’s Sky hype before a recover and are only exploring a hashtag now and came on this tweet, you’d only assume it was an tangible hater. There’s no information on a No Man’s Whine comment that indicates that it’s a joke. It’s only been tweeting out algorithmically generated tweets for dual years, with no alertness to stop it from repeating a same aged goofs. Where are this bot’s parents?

Kotaku reader Leon, who’s a No Man’s Sky player, emailed us to contend that he’s been gripping an eye on this comment and a few other identical deserted bots that only pour vitriol into a hashtags of opposite fandoms. Maybe they were combined in good faith, maybe not. Maybe they were humorous during a time… maybe not. The finish outcome is that they’re spamming a few gaming-related hashtags with uncanny garbage.

Two accounts called Gamer Secrets and Persona Confessions effect to be Post Secret-style accounts that share unknown confessions. Leon forked out in his email that both accounts use suspiciously identical phrasing, like these two tweets that both use a word “suicide watch.” The accounts’ phrasing has a beauty of artisanal, domestic tweets, though, with some-more formidable abbreviation than No Man’s Whine. These accounts aren’t indeed posting any new content, yet they’re constantly being updated. They’re only going by a reserve of tweets and posting them all about once any one or dual days. Take this tweet:


This was many recently posted on Jul 9th, yet if we search a #GamersUnite hashtag for a word “terrorist,” you’ll find that accurate same twitter being posted any dual days, with a initial instance on Jan 7th, 2017, around a same time Gamer Secrets was created.

I also found this to be loyal for Persona Confessions when we searched a word from one of their tweets in a #GamersUnite hashtag.


There’s a special weirdness to examination a appurtenance work in perpetuity, prolonged outliving a utility or a strange informative context that desirous a creation. Unless Gamer Secrets, Persona Confessions and No Man’s Whine get reported for spam, they’re only gonna twitter a same forms of tweets forever, until Twitter dies or a universe ends. Let’s wish these accounts die with a former rather than a latter.

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