Twitch fear gamer breaks universe record for many noticed shave after daughter startles him

A video of a gamer being shocked by his toddler daughter while personification a fear diversion Outlast 2 has turn a Most watched video on Twitch – usually 4 days after a eventuality was creatively live-streamed.

As of 31 Jul 2017, a shave “streamer daughter walks in on him while personification a frightful game” by a UK’s “JurassicJunkie” had been noticed an epic 2,086,451 times on a video platform. 

Prior to a clip’s bizarre promote on 21 July, “JurassicJunkie” usually had around 100 supporters on Twitch. Since his video went viral, that series now stands during over 4,000.

 “JurassicJunkie”, aka Tom Wheldon of Nottingham, England, had been personification a notoriously creepy Outlast 2 in his bureau with headphones when his 22-month-old daughter Jessica was asked to move him a juicy beverage.

News of Tom’s Guinness World Records pretension was met with intense difference of congratulations on Twitter.  

“Honestly mate, no physique deserves it some-more for being a outrageous wuss on camera!” wrote user EVERYBITGAMING.

Twitch is a renouned video-streaming height for gamers that launched in 2011. It now has many thousands of channels and is obliged for billions and billions of views around a world, and is generally pivotal in eSports. 

In 2016, a new duty was introduced that enabled users to emanate clips from live broadcasts, as is a box with Tom’s now-iconic scream.

Tom himself admits that he’s in a remarkable state of startle by his remarkable universe title.

“At this impulse in time it still feels really bizarre to be means to contend we have a Guinness World Records title!”

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