Treyarch Just Dropped The First ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Zombies Tease And It’s Really Weird

The initial Black Ops 4 zombies teaser has landed.

We’re only about a week divided from a big Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII reveal eventuality that takes place on May 17th, so it’s no warn that Treyarch only common a initial teaser picture for a game’s arriving zombie mode.

In fact, design to see lots some-more teases, leaks and rumors in a entrance days. These large exhibit events roughly never take place in a vacuum.

In any case, here’s a full picture Treyarch tweeted with a difference ‘So it begins… #Zombies’:

Well this is creepy.

The bottom of a picture reads ‘Mankind’s tab will be a salvation.’ That’s sincerely cryptic. The whole thing is flattering most a clarification of cryptic. we like it.

Who is a male behind a mask? What do all a small icons mean? Some are in a prolonged white row, others in orange in a round around a poser man’s eye. Meanwhile, his hands are decomposing like a zombie and his face looks to be as well, though he positively seems sentient. Not entirely turned, perhaps. And because a mask?

Certainly it’s all some elaborate formula that savvy gamers will flow over until they have it worked out. There’s expected some pivotal we need to find first. Or some other provoke will reason a key. Or maybe it’s tucked divided in Black Ops III somewhere.

If rumors are loyal that there really won’t be a single-player debate in Black Ops 4, it’s probable that a bulk of a story for a diversion will be in zombies mode. It’s even probable that zombies mode and a debate are somehow related together. we have no idea. we unequivocally don’t have a idea what any of this means during this point. If we do, strike me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know your theories. This really seems like a depart from a zanier zombies modes we’ve seen recently. More occult, darker. We’ll see shortly enough.

Certainly a replies to this chatter are mostly certain and excited. We’ll see if that movement lasts once a full diversion is suggested on a 17th.

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