Trainers Completed Pokémon GO’s Global Research Challenge, Unlocking The Grand Prize

Pokemon GO’s Safari Zone in Dortmund, Germany.

That didn’t seem to aria anyone too much. Over a weekend, developer Niantic Labs set a idea for Pokémon trainers playing Pokémon GO all around a world: to finish a sum of 15 million investigate tasks to clear a garland of special rewards: a idea was to complete 5 million tasks each for Asia/Pacific, a Americas and Europe, Africa and a Middle East. Research tasks are a new further to a game, and completing them is a small some-more difficult than final year’s comparatively candid Global Catch Challenge. Still, worldwide trainers rubbed their idea with aplomb, quite a Asia/Pacific region, that managed a idea before those in a Americas had most of a possibility to arise up. And now we’ve unbarred a final prerogative for this theatre of Pokémon GO’s summer tour: a possibility during a Shiny Articuno subsequent Saturday, Jul 7.

Articuno Day competence seem like arrange of a sore prerogative for top-level players that have had an Articuno in their Pokédexes for only about a year now–the Ice-type isn’t a quite useful Legendary, even. But there are a few things that will make this fun. For one thing, everybody gets 5 giveaway Raid Passes, that means that even free-to-play trainers that don’t customarily get a possibility to go out and produce a large day of Raids will be means to join a sailing container of players to strike out some raids. For another we’ve got double propitious egg generation and double raid XP, definition that completing pronounced raids with a propitious egg on could squeeze we somewhere in a closeness of 200,000 XP, that isn’t too unfair for those of us that have nonetheless to strike adult to turn 40. And then, of course, we’ve got a fact that a thing will be display adult shiny, all of that should be adequate to safeguard plain adequate numbers out on a street. That’s mostly all we ask out of an eventuality like this: that a rewards are interesting adequate to move people out to play.

It’s not wholly a eventuality that we was expecting, yet that’s alright. Next adult it appears we’ll be removing a Celebi unlock quest, yet I’ve still got to locate my Ditto for my Mew quest. Which is good news going forward, mostly since it indicates that we’ll be removing something some-more profitable during a finish of all this. Gen 4, perhaps? Or maybe even a esteem germane to a upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? We’ll see. It’s been a ideally appreciative eventuality so far.

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