Torch Man Announced for Mega Man 11 during SDCC [Update: New Trailer]

Update: Capcom expelled a new trailer showcasing Torch Man in Mega Man 11. Check out a new video below.

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Capcom denounced a new drudge master for a arriving Mega Man 11 during today’s Mega Man 30th Anniversary row during San Diego Comic-Con. The new trainer is a fire-based drudge called Torch Man, a name that has a prolonged story in a Mega Man franchise.

During a Mega Man 30th Anniversary Panel Capcom showed off a initial design of Torch Man, a Robot Master that was rumored to be in a arriving Mega Man 11. A design of Torch Man taken from a row has been present on amicable media given a reveal.

True to his name Torch Man is a fire-based drudge with dual cauldrons of glow projecting from any shoulder. However, this isn’t a initial time a Torch Man name has been used in a Mega Man series. The name was formerly used for one of a 6 Robot Masters in a DOS Mega Man 3 game, as good as a strange name for Fire Man from a Mega Man Battle Network series. The latter glow drudge had to be renamed, though with so many fire-based robots in a Mega Man array it’s not surprising.

We previewed Mega Man 11 progressing this year and found it to be a decidedly forward-looking entrance into a series, for improved or worse. Mega Man 11 introduces new mechanics, changes to core gameplay, and 4 problem levels. Time will tell if this affects a core Mega Man knowledge however.

Check out a 11 Things We Know About Mega Man 11 list to see all a changes entrance to Capcom’s latest Mega Man title. Mega Man 11 comes out on Oct 2 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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