Tokyo Game Show 2017: Day 1 research and summation with T3’s male in Japan Marco Zangirolami


This year there are so many things to speak about that it is REALLY a problem to summation though we will attempt zero a less.

Anyway, final year we spoke about a conditions of ubiquitous interregnum here in Japan in terms of new IPs and investment (check out final year’s uncover reports here: Day 1Day 2Day 3)But after a interregnum of many, many years – Sega for a initial time in over a decade seems to be meddlesome in investing some-more income in a videogame industry.

Sega appears to be rising from a ashes

Clearly, as many Sega fans know, we are not articulate about a same aged association who used to conquer and browbeat a home and arcade marketplace 30 years ago (at a time led by a CSK Holding and a heyday CEO Isao Okawa, who died after a Dreamcast’s failure).

The people who are in authority now of a Ohta’s HQ (after a debate batch option) are a Sammy organisation (specialized in a Pachinko’s market) who has and always had a opposite proceed to this business, risking unequivocally few, and looking for brief tenure profits, so intensely opposite than what we used to see with CSK’s government who unequivocally gave it all to attain (Okawa gave his $695 million to assistance 2001’s Sega debt).

That said, it seems like with a latest offered formula (even testified by a latest Sonic Mania that has left and sole very, unequivocally well), and previewed by a disdainful talk with a European CEO Paul Williams who privately wanted to revive a miracle like Daytona for a arcade business, Sega in ubiquitous is resurrecting from a remains like a phoenix.

Clearly it is not nonetheless confirmed, though even checking a new IP presented here during a Tokyo Game Show such as Fist of a North star, it seems like a Hedgehog’s association is perplexing to reconstruct and urge a image, and portfolio (in each sense!).

In fact it is a genuine warn after so many years – in that ‘Ryu ga gotoku’ (i.e. Yakuza in a west) has always perceived a biggest mark during Sega’s counter – for a initial time a opposite pretension take a place, and this is unequivocally covenant to this.

Fist of North star is desirous also by a unequivocally famous anime pretension of a 80s, and some-more than substantially will change from now on a approach in that we have witnessed this association in a final decade.

Konami appears directionless

A association that is now display some rebuttal is Konami: we all know how tough has been a impact (inside and outside) for a depart from a association of a ex-enfant prodige and protégée of a ex-president, Hideo Kojima, though this year for a initial time looking around a chronological ‘red booth’  from a titles shown it seems like there is a miss of direction.

I mean, there are a hystorical icons as ‘Power Pro’ (in Japan famous as ‘Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū’) and/ or ‘Bomber man’, that we all love, now with their new sequels for PS4, PS Vita and Switch respectively, though looking during a genuine torpedo applications (from where we we can unequivocally check a beat of a inner prolongation of a RDs), this association has not mislaid usually a diversion writer and one of a large diversion designers of all time, though something some-more unsubstantial too.

I have played a new ‘Metal Gear Survive’ diversion that uses a aged Kojima’s Fox Engine, feat a same scenarios of a prior pretension (i.e. ‘MGS V: The Phantom Pain’), though now we contingency kill  zombies!

Now, don’t get me wrong, we have got zero opposite zombies, even if they are not my elite video diversion genre (even if we have put ‘The Evil within 2’ in with a best games shown here during a fair), though we trust in some array can work, and some other can not, and a Metal Gear Solid is one – in my honest opinion – in that was improved to equivocate this kind of choice “scenario”.

MGS carrying historically a clever and definied background, characters and story, we truly trust that a fandom collected in years from Kojima can be let down unequivocally easily, and do not come behind for a unequivocally prolonged time if let down.

On a other hand, we notice here that this waywardness is not singular to Kojima’s depart – take a demeanour during an another mythological tip of a nick IP of this association widely famous in a west as PES: ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ (‘Winning Eleven’ in a motherland), demeanour during a comparison down subsequent and tell me if we am not right:

I truly wish subsequent year Konami can unequivocally come behind to what we have famous for years.

Bandai-Namco keeps a boat steady

Even if it is saying some adult and down investing home and abroad in each niche (click here and here for some-more informations), a Pacman’s association is keeping a direction already seen a final year.

The lineup is roughly a same with many large IP sequels (.hack//G.U. and Sword Art Online for all), and during a same time reinforcing with updates best sellers as Tekken 7, Gundam Next, etc..

Clearly checking a line adult it seems like B-N’s categorical aim are children with games focused many on famous Anime (Naruto, One piece, Dragon Ball, Gundam, Gintama, etc..) accessible for each complement on a marketplace (PS Vita, PS3, 3DS, PC, XBOX, PS4). 

The usually REAL new innovative IP to underline here during a counter is ‘City Shrouded in Shadow’ (originally Kyoei Toshi) constructed by a strong Daisuke Ichiyama (the male behind a ‘Dark Souls’ series) that will move us behind in a 70s Tokusatsu’s super heroes array (Ultraman, Megaloman, Kamen rider, etc.. usually to discuss a few) in that we will live and support – as normal persons (not heroes) – a conflict in a city of Godzilla and any kind of beast that we used to see in those iconic TV series, while a ‘presumed’ favourite will urge us.

The usually problem in this story, will be us! Why? Because if we will not  pay adequate courtesy to what will occur around us, it could be that we will be killed by a possess hero! 

Here a video that is unequivocally amazing, suffer it since it is unequivocally value it!

One of a best games of this TGS 2017, no doubt.

Tomorrow some-more sum of a Bandai-Namco line up, though anyway if we occur to be here from tomorrow that is open to a public, take a demeanour during it, it is always intensely eye catching!

Capcom keep’s a low profile

After a critically acclaimed ‘Bio Hazard 7’ seen final year, though a material stipulation during a batch holders of reduction copies sole (around 2.5 millions during Jan 2017), with a judicious backdrop on a batch sell marketplace (- 3% and afterwards 7% during a finish of a month) shortly as a news became public, this year a Osaka program residence seems to have elite – compared to a prior years – to keep a low form here during a TGS, with no large announcements.

A transparent instance of this is that there is no new Bio Hazard pretension announced (just a remakes ‘Revelations 1 2’ for a Nintendo’s Switch), nor a Street Fighter new section (that is a 30th Anniversary!), though as we pronounced during E3 this year, ‘Monster hunter: World’ seems to be now a categorical pivotal pretension on that Capcom is focusing all a attention.

The diversion is expectd to be out in a commencement of 2018 and will be accessible for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

This pretension is going to be one of a seminal titles of a arriving ‘cross gaming’ epoch that we mentioned some time ago, and that substantially in a years to come will make a genuine disproportion for diversion players (something like a change that online gaming in ubiquitous done during a commencement of a 2000s with Microsoft and a ‘Xbox Live!’).

Even if it is a Spin-off of Bandai Namco, one of a best games of this Tokyo Game Show come from this small though assertive program residence bought by a parental association in 2009 still urge a secure EDF: Earth Defence Force 5.

The vital underline of this third chairman shooter is a baleful unfolding where aliens invade and try to kill you. Even if a gameplay is simple, a movement and a tragedy is unequivocally familiar for any kind of gamer: from a infrequent to a hardcore.

The demo already seen during a Tokyo Game Show 2016 unequivocally gave gamers what they desired about a series, with many aged bosses behind for some-more action, so if we never played a diversion before we would totally check it out if we can this year. Earth Defence Force 5 will be out during a finish of a month (seems 30th of Sep to be exact) for PS4 exclusively.

More info right here.

Square-Enix move western IPs to a east

Historically a concentration driven publisher for a hardcore RPG gamer, now, since this holding has bought many general studios such as Eidos (i.e. a Tomb Raider’s IP), it is here during a satisfactory with a large series of western games.

Not bad in my opinion, since in a worldwide marketplace all is removing some-more integrated, so even Japanese gamers can try and conclude easier general prolongation (as we used to with a PSX and a iconic Final Fantasy VII that was a initial of Square’s titles to be commercialised outward Japan).

Clearly it is critical that a dual companies (Square and Enix both) do not remove from this selling operation their temperament as occur to prior publishers, though master this “diversity” in a Japanese prolongation to make improved games that are constrained also to a western user, and not formulating a common ‘Galapagos’ materialisation that Harada used to protest about a Japanese developers.

OK, for currently that is all.

See we tomorrow for a 2nd day of a Tokyo Game Show 2017.

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