To Be Successful, Final Fantasy XV Has to Sell 10 Million Copies (Update)


March 31, 2016
Written by Jason Dunning



Square Enix has expelled a matter about a 10 million sole number, observant it’s usually meant as a high idea from a growth team:

We’d like to make a criticism on a news reports that state Hajime Tabata, Director of FINAL FANTASY XV, commented that FINAL FANTASY XV indispensable to sell 10 million copies to replenish a investment during a press discussion hold yesterday in LA.

We trust there was a communication problem during a conference. In fact, Tabata was referencing 10 million copies usually as a high idea that a growth group set to comprehend their aspiration to make a ultimate FINAL FANTASY game. And a criticism was never meant to be referred as a replenish line of a investment.

Original Story:

At a press discussion attended by Kotaku, Game Director Hajime Tabata suggested that Final Fantasy XV needs to sell 10 million copies worldwide in a lifetime to be successful for Square Enix.

Putting that series in perspective, 10 million is some-more than any other Final Fantasy title has sold, save for Final Fantasy VII. It’s also some-more than a six million Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom shipped as of Jan 2016, though not as most as a 13 million Star Wars Battlefront shipped or 60 million Grand Theft Auto V shipped.

The English Final Fantasy XV Twitter comment afterwards expelled some other sum from a press event, with Tabata saying, “The #FFXV Universe was combined to make a categorical diversion #FFXV improved and emanate a universe people wish to get mislaid in. All a products surrounding #FFXV are designed for opposite kinds of people a approach for opposite people to get into #FFXV.”

They added:

Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a giveaway demo is accessible right now by a PlayStation/Xbox Store. A PC chronicle won’t be out in September, though Square Enix might demeanour during it in a future.

Do we consider Final Fantasy XV will strech 10 million sold?

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