Thriller in Batavia to ratchet adult torment during Albright Theatre

In a lead purpose of blind protagonist Suzy, Kasia Karbarz rehearses a theatre from a Albright Theatre Company prolongation of “Wait Until Dark,” opening Oct. 27 in Batavia.

BATAVIA – The Albright Theatre Company infuses contemporary twists in a classical psychological thriller, “Wait Until Dark,” opening Oct. 27 in Batavia.

The film chronicle famously starred Audrey Hepburn as Suzy, a immature mother blinded by an progressing accident. She has to dupe a rope of drug bootlegging criminal artists whose crimes are about to ambuscade her and her husband. Can Suzy rest on her newly won skills in navigating a dim to tip a beam when it means a disproportion between life and death?

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At a operation for a show, Director JP Quirk of South Elgin pronounced he updated a book to make it some-more thespian for today’s audiences.

“[And] we altered some of a content … to make it not so detailed to a specific time period,” Quirk said.

In his prophesy for a production, he pronounced a movement scenes are a small bloodier. And people supportive to shrill noises should be wakeful that a gun will glow a .22 vacant in a second act.

How formidable is it to believably execute someone who is blind?

“It has unequivocally been challenging,” pronounced Kasia Karbarz of Naperville, who plays Suzy Hendrix.

She pronounced partial of a technique is to remember not to display with her eyes, adding that Quirk gave her recommendation drawn from examination a relations adjust to worsening prophesy caused by macular degeneration.

“He told me to try shuffling your feet when we are nearby a landing, feeling around for things,” she said. “[In] a few rehearsals … I’ve blindfolded myself. … To have a blindfold on my face, we have a improved feel [for] how many times it takes to indeed find a chair. Even yet we know a … unit – how formidable it is to feel my approach from one place to another.”

The purpose of 13-year-old Gloria is double cast, and facilities Abbey Sutton of Batavia and Sophia Harris of Plainfield.

“Both play Gloria, a repulsive upstairs neighbor that helps Suzy when her father is not home [and] goes grocery selling for her,” Quirk pronounced by approach of introduction to a character. ”’The teen … likes to come into a unit and pierce all a seat around. She’s mean.”

He pronounced Mike, played by Justin Smith of Palatine, is a semi-redeeming of a 3 criminals.

“His story arc is … overwhelming and what happens during a finish is unequivocally good,” Quirk said.

Suzy ends adult alone in a unit since her husband, Sam, a photographer, is hoodwinked into holding on a feign assignment by a villains. Sam is portrayed by John Frankenthal of Geneva.

The ominous Roat, played by Patrick Ford of St. Charles, becomes some-more unhinged as a play unfolds, according to Quirk. The other characters are Carlino, played by Aaron Tanzer of West Chicago, and dual officers portrayed by Peggy Condon and Ron Gustin, both of Geneva.

“They’re an extraordinary expel [and] worked really, unequivocally hard,” Quirk said.

It is tough to build a tragedy when doing torment in live theater, pronounced Erin Cauley of South Elgin, theatre manager. She praised a approach a PG-13 prolongation has ratcheted adult a fear cause right down to lighting and sound effects.

This outlines a second charity of a company’s 44th season. To assistance financially support Albright, a museum is raffling dual tickets to a Chicago prolongation of a low-pitched “Hamilton” for a 7:30 p.m. opening Dec. 20. Raffle tickets cost $25 any or 5 for $100. The esteem includes a $50 Visa benefaction card. The sketch will be hold after a Dec. 10 matinee opening of “A Christmas Story” during Albright. The leader need not be present. Raffle tickets are accessible online and during a box bureau during uncover times.

“A Christmas Story,” a holiday favorite, is a subsequent uncover up, personification Dec. 8 to 17. The new year will move “Glengarry Glen Ross,” Mar 2 to 17; “Of Good Stock,” Apr 27 to May 12; and “Necessary Targets,” Jun 8 to 23.

If we go

WHAT: “Wait Until Dark”

WHERE: Albright Theatre on Batavia Government Center’s third floor, 100 N. Island Ave., Batavia

WHEN: 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays, Oct. 27 to Nov. 11

COST: $20 for adults, $15 for students and seniors

INFO:, 630-406-8838

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