Three Free Final Fantasy XV Freebies Arrive On Xbox One

You might – or might not – be finished with Final Fantasy XV, though Final Fantasy XV is not finished with we yet, as currently sees a recover of 3 some-more pieces of DLC, though this time they are all accessible for free!

To applaud – or empathize – a shutting of a servers for King’s Knight: Wrath of a Dark Dragon on iOS and Android, Square Enix are charity 3 in-game equipment to remember a mobile spin-off by.

King’s Knight: Wrath of a Dark Dragon featured in a categorical diversion of Final Fantasy XV, as a diversion a organisation would play together on an dusk on their phones, after a tough day sport monsters and throwing fish in a universe of Eos.

First adult is a King’s Knight Sticker Set, a new decal for a Regalia to proudly wear when driving or drifting turn a world, featuring characters from King’s Knight. To entrance this, revisit Cindy in Hammerhead and ask her to cgange a Regalia.

This is accessible now to download for free.

Description: A tradition decal set formed on a subterraneous strike app, King’s Knight. Ride around and fake you’re Ray Jack!

Secondly is a King’s Knight Tee, a black t-shirt for Noctis to wear that facilities a pixel sprites of a characters from King’s Knight on both a front and a back. To entrance this, visit a options menu to change outfits and it should be there watchful for you.

This is also accessible to download for free.

Description: An disdainful T-shirt highlighting a heroes of a mobile diversion that took Eos by storm.

Finally, there is Memories of King’s Knight. This is a strange soundtrack to King’s Knight stoical by mythological composer Nobuo Uematsu in what was usually his third soundtrack during a time of release. To entrance this, only burst in a Regalia and corkscrew by a music.

Available to download now, this is also giveaway of charge.

Description: Listen to KING’S KNIGHT Original Soundtrack.

All are prepared to download from a Xbox store now, did we discuss they were free? Will these tempt we behind into Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in a comments below!

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