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That’s a hang on a week of Mega Man features, gang! Sorry to finish things on such a green note (pun DEFINITELY intended), though hopefully you’ve had fun along a way. We’ll be behind with a subsequent GN Thought on Monday, so see we then. As always, interjection for reading!


There are certain franchises where we demeanour brazen to a soundtracks as much, if not some-more than a gameplay. Castlevania comes to mind, as does Shantae, along with immeasurable others. Tunes so good that they hang in your conduct for not months, though years to come. Without a doubt, we would embody a Mega Man array in that category. Across a final 11 mainline games, there have been roughly too many extraordinary songs to count, and we continue to listen to those soundtracks to this day.

When Mega Man 11 was announced, my hype was by a roof. As a outrageous Mega Man fan, we couldn’t wait to get my hands on a game. Everything shown in a trailers valid that we would adore a diversion gameplay-wise, that we figured would be a case. The usually blank square of a nonplus was a game’s music. You usually ever get to hear snippets in trailers, and what we had listened finished me hopeful, though we wasn’t sold. Unfortunately, we would finish adult being utterly unhappy when we got to hear a soundtrack in full.

A immeasurable infancy of people seem to be on a same page with Mega Man 11. While a diversion looks and plays great, a soundtrack is a bit of a letdown. we don’t wish to contend it’s a bad soundtrack, though we will contend that we find it to be a slightest enchanting of all mainline Mega Man soundtracks for me. I’ve given a soundtrack mixed listens given we initial played by a game, as we wanted to see if it clicked for me. That hasn’t been a box no matter how many times I’ve run by a whole soundtrack.

Of course, now I’m left with a doubt as to because that is. Why do I, and so many other Mega Man fans find such error with a Mega Man 11 soundtrack? What is it that creates it mount out as a bruise float in a array of illusory music? I’ve been meditative prolonged and tough about this ever given a diversion came out, and I’ve come adult with a few intensity answers.

The songs aren’t memorable

I can’t suppose what it’s like operative on video diversion music. It many be such a pressure-filled knowledge distant over any kind of vigour I’ve encountered. That’s usually doubled when operative on a long-running, dear franchise. Can we suppose sitting down to emanate a soundtrack for an iconic diversion impression that’s returning to a gaming stage after a prolonged hiatus?! we consider I’d twist adult in a round and die right there!

There’s no such thing as sitting down and creation a good song. Any composer always has a goal of creation something good, though we never know what a finish outcome will be. The composers for Mega Man 11 clearly had skeleton to emanate something that matched a much-revered strain of prior entries, though their formula fell flat.

Mega Man games are famous for rather brief loops of punchy tunes that you’re whistling and humming for days on end. What we get in Mega Man 11, for a many part, usually doesn’t have that vibe. we can’t tell we how many times I’ve listened to a soundtrack, nonetheless we can’t remember half a songs in a game. They usually aren’t enchanting enough, and don’t have that special something that keeps we wanting more. we indeed consider we know because that is.

The songs miss energy

There’s a reason because Fuse Man’s thesis was used in mixed Mega Man 11 trailers. Many find it to be a best in a game, and whoever cut trailers during Capcom clearly feels a same way. What is it about Fuse Man’s balance that creates it mount so distant out from a others? we consider it has a appetite of classical Mega Man songs before it.

Fuse Man’s strain is enterprising right off a bat, and creates we feel pumped to tackle a turn brazen of you. Even better, a appetite gets dialed adult median by a song, and unequivocally kicks adult that thumping beat. That’s a kind of appetite we find in a infancy of Mega Man songs, and it helps a balance get stranded in your head. It’s not usually a strain that sounds good, it’s a strain that feels good as well.

Fuse Man’s balance also has a ridiculously familiar balance to it. The approach a records burst around make it a blast to listen to. It’s also flattering discerning as distant as loops go, returning we a commencement after usually a minute. That’s indeed on a longer finish of a spectrum for Mega Man tunes, though not unheard of. Fuse Man’s balance kicks off, grabs your attention, and takes we on a ride. That’s what Mega Man strain does best!

It sounds very…samey

This one is so tough to explain, and I’m certain I’ll locate slam for it. we feel like a immeasurable infancy of songs in Mega Man 11 all sound unequivocally similar. Sure, there are opposite melodies in any track, though there’s simply not adequate accumulation in how they’re presented to make any of them memorable.

This is a formidable indicate to discuss, as we know people will glow behind with songs from Mega Man 1-6, 9, and 10 as examples. Those games all use chiptunes for their soundtracks, and there are indeed a lot of identical noises in those songs. Back in a days of a NES, we usually had so many we could do with a audio capabilities of a platform. There were going to be “instruments” used some-more than once in tunes. It was flattering many unavoidable.

I consider a disproportion is that composers for those titles knew their limits, or in a box of 9 and 10, stayed loyal to those limits. When we know we usually have so many sound fonts to work with, we aim to emanate songs that sound unaccompanied and opposite within those restrictions. There competence be a lot of identical sounds between those retro Mega Man songs, though a final formula of those compositions sounds unconditionally unique. In my honest opinion, while we do commend a same sounds being used in mixed classical Mega Man songs, I’ve never felt those marks to sound similar.

With Mega Man 11, we get a same instrument pushing a balance in roughly each song. I’ll never forget solemnly realizing that as we played by for a initial time. Each strain has a general kick to it, and a balance is driven by a same synth sound over and over…and over. Now we don’t have a tangible answer as to because this was done, though we have a unctuous guess it was rather of an loyalty to a classical games.

The composers knew a tunes of classical Mega Man games, that are dominated by chiptunes. Chiptunes can positively sound a same as distant as bottom instruments go. we unequivocally consider a composers competence have seen that reduction and wanted to compensate reverence to it by a use of a unaccompanied instrument for a melodies in Mega Man 11. Perhaps they felt it was a approach to honour a classics, and also offer a unifying feel for this adventure. In my opinion, it ends adult creation a bulk of a soundtrack sound like a unaccompanied prolonged song.

I always feel bad when we impugn something, generally music. we have such honour and indebtedness for those who emanate music, as we find it to be an extraordinary craft. It’s not something everybody can do, and each strain is pleasing to someone out there. With that said, I’m also 100% honest with my feelings on games in all aspects. It’s critical to share how we truly feel, though we aim to do so in a deferential way. Hopefully that’s come opposite in this feature.

Mega Man 11’s soundtrack doesn’t do it for me, and we can’t tell we how unhappy that creates me. we was really, unequivocally looking brazen to a soundtrack, and we find it to be a weakest partial of a game. There’s some marks in there we enjoy, though by and large, it’s a pass for me. we know this isn’t a new or insubordinate contention when it comes to Mega Man 11, though it’s still one we wanted to share my dual cents on.

Mega Man 12 will really come around, and there’s no doubt that Capcom has listened a pushback on a game’s soundtrack. we would suppose they’ll work additional tough to safeguard Mega Man 12 has a toe-tapping tunes fans expect. we demeanour brazen to that moment, and we can’t wait to write a purgation underline about it. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying a several Mega Man soundtracks as we work…just with fewer songs from 11.

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