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We’re entrance adult on a finish of a Mega Man week. Just one underline left from here on out! I’ve been meditative about today’s underline all week, and hopefully it helps conjure adult some ideas for we as well. As always, interjection for reading!


There have customarily been 11 mainline Mega Man games given a series’ pregnancy in 1987. Within those 11 installments, there has been unequivocally small change to core mechanics, generally in new years. We saw a slip combined in for Mega Man 3, a ability to assign adult your Mega Buster in 4, and afterwards some other remaining things along a way. Outside of that, a been business as common for a Blue Bomber.

As I’ve pronounced in other facilities this week, we adore core gameplay of Mega Man. To be honest, we can’t get adequate of it! There’s customarily something about a knowledge that always leaves me wanting more. With that said, we would have no problem if Capcom wanted to piquancy things adult with some changes. I’m articulate about changes that essentially brew things up, rather than something like a new impression or opposite weapon.

While I’m positively not in any position to offer adult good gameplay ideas for Mega Man, we still have some thoughts I’d like to toss out there. These could be some fun ways to change adult Mega Man’s regulation and make for a singular turn on a experience.

Robot Master numbers

For a bulk of Mega Man games, a Blue Bomber takes on 8 drudge master stages. we don’t know because Capcom staid on 8 as a go-to number, though they positively have stranded to that for a bulk of a series. Wouldn’t it be good to see Capcom play with that a bit?

Adding in some-more drudge masters competence not be a answer, though I’d positively acquire it. A longer Mega Man diversion with 12 drudge masters sounds like sky to me. What a warn that would be as well! You take out a initial 8 and afterwards learn that there’s indeed 4 some-more drudge masters watchful in all-new stages. we know saying something like that would put a grin on my face!

I’m also fine with Capcom pulling behind on a volume of drudge masters, as prolonged as they extend a stages themselves. Give us 6 drudge masters and stages double a length. Through in a few some-more mid-bosses along a way, and it could unequivocally assistance liven adult a experience. I’m certain it would make things some-more severe as well, and I’m always down for some-more plea in a Mega Man game.

Branching stages

There have been a integrate Mega Man games that supplement in tip paths or few choices for your highway ahead, though I’d adore to see Capcom unequivocally enhance on a idea. Throwing in mixed paths into any theatre would supplement a ton to a replay value of any Mega Man game, and could be a good approach to have things play out differently for any player.

Don’t make branching stages that give we a opposite approach to get to a same ending. A branching trail could have new enemies, equipment we won’t get on other paths, mid-bosses that differ, and even drudge master battles that are unique. Instead of assembly a drudge master in his common chamber, maybe we take him on during a tip of a building. Wherever we quarrel them could lead to new hazzards, and new conflict mechanics. All it takes is a integrate tweaks to make things feel totally different.

Weapon locks

One of Mega Man’s core facilities is gaining an ability from a drudge master that you’ve defeated. Checking out all a new weapons is a blast, though infrequently it would be fun to force a actor into a specific plea with a locked-in weapon.

Capcom could capacitate a complement that creates certain Wily stages into a conditions where we can customarily use one or dual weapons. Something in Wily’s confidence complement disables many of your weapons, though you’re left with a integrate of a attacks you’ve picked adult from drudge masters on a way. Really make players use those weapons in engaging ways, pulling a boundary of what’s possible.

Dropping a drudge master rematch

Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, any Mega Man diversion has a impulse where we enter a room that has we conflict any singular drudge master for a second time. Its turn a thing in Mega Man games, and players are always awaiting it. With that said, we don’t consider this conflict is anything fans unequivocally demeanour brazen to. It’s customarily a second quarrel in a room that’s customarily many blander than where we initial battled. Yes, there’s plea in creation it by all 8 drudge masters with a singular health tank, though e-Tanks do divided with any of that challenge.

While it competence be deliberate profanity to some, because not do divided with a drudge master rematch altogether? Perhaps we could get a special theatre where a depressed drudge masters come together to build some arrange of ultimate appurtenance out of a physique tools they have left. How about a run by Wily’s trickery where he built a drudge masters, and we have to quarrel your approach past prototypes of a drudge masters and experiments that didn’t make a cut? we consider it’s good to compensate honour to a drudge masters late in a game, though holding them all on again in a accurate same conflict isn’t a many exciting.

Those are customarily some of my ideas for how we can switch adult a core Mega Man experience, some of that we consider could lead to a unequivocally opposite feel. Do we have any ideas for how to change things adult for a better?

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