This Video Proves a ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Game Boy Color Remake Would Be Awesome

It’s flattering common believe among Zelda fans during this indicate that during a growth routine for Breath Of The Wild, Nintendo used a prototypical 2D chronicle of a game, that looked fundamentally like an strange NES game, to assistance emanate a final product. A fan even re-created that NES-ish prototype as a playable game. Now, others are devising what Breath Of The Wild competence demeanour like on other platforms, and this Game Boy Color chronicle of a diversion looks flattering honeyed (via Gamnesia).

Nintendo Wire motionless to emanate a “de-make” of a game, and nonetheless it’s not a playable game, it’s neat to watch, generally for fans of a tangible Zelda Game Boy Color games, Oracle Of Seasons and Oracle Of Ages. It has all a GBC-era games did: The classical italicized font, a retro sounds, and a spot-on tone palette. The video covers a opening moments of a game: Waking adult in a Shrine Of Resurrection, removing your Sheikah Slate, and creation your approach into Hyrule to confront a puzzling aged male and some Bokoblins.

If this video has desirous we to do something like this for yourself, or you’re only unequivocally into a sprites and other art they used, we can get all a resources used in a video for yourself by apropos a $5 Patreon believer of Nintendo Wire.

Is this one of a best Zelda fan projects you’ve ever seen? If not, what are some of your favorites? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

Featured Image: Nintendo Wire

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