This really singular Solid Snake statue is adult for pre-order now

It’s time to put your Metal Gear Solid fandom to a exam – First4Figures is holding pre-orders on this impossibly limited, beautifully sculpted Solid Snake statue, yet it’ll cost you.

If you’re unknown with First4Figures, it’s a association with a sold adore of producing some of a top peculiarity collectable statues formed on several video diversion characters and franchises around. Routinely, a company’s really singular things tends to sell out fast and thus, becomes even some-more of a collector’s piece.

I’ve formerly mentioned a site’s operation of Dark Souls reproduction rings, done with genuine silver, that are still accessible for around $150. You might have suspicion those were pricey during a time yet hang with me, my story gets better.

As of a few mins ago, First4Figures has non-stop a really brief pre-order window on a code new operation of Solid Snake statues. Pre-orders are live now yet will tighten again on Friday, 15th September. You have a singular volume of time to squeeze one of these, if we wanted it.

Solid Snake Statue First4Figures

There are 4 opposite variations of Snake adult for grabs, all of that uncover a world’s biggest solider in movement finish with his heading SOCOM pistol. You can opt for a unchanging version, a ‘exclusive version’ that adds a set of night-vision goggles to a bundle, or one of dual secrecy camo variations (in transparent or neon green).

While these statues are beautifully crafted and a loyal collector’s object for those with a means, you’ve got to really wish it, given that a base-level statues will run we a cold $524.99. The statues won’t boat for a matter of months, yet you’ll still need to pony-up a 10% deposition if we wish to secure one of these intensely singular pieces.

Solid Snake Statue First4Figures Close adult b

If we occur to have a vast assets account, income to bake or only an unquenchable lust for each bit of singular Metal Gear Solid merch we can get your hands on, pre-orders are open now and will tighten this Friday, 15th September. Your call, during a finish of a day, yet child are they pretty.

Limited Edition Solid Snake collector’s statue from First4Figures – Pre-orders live until Sep 15th

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