This Uncharted 4 Rap Song is Lit

September 25, 2017
Written by Tyler Treese

uncharted 4 swat song

Uncharted 4 and swat music. Both are dear by millions, nonetheless a dual aren’t customarily mixed. Well, now they’ve been crushed together as diversion publisher and all-around good man Justin McElroy unearthed an Uncharted 4 swat strain he wrote. “I have NO MEMORY of because we wrote an Uncharted 4 swat a week before a diversion came out,” wrote McElroy on his Twitter account. “But we only found it so here.”

Check out a approved banger below:

It’s value observant that Justin McElroy, and his gifted brothers Griffin and Travis, also seemed in No Goblin’s 100ft Robot Golf. The contingent supposing explanation for a mecha sports title, and also do several renouned podcasts together including My Brother, My Brother, and Me, and The Zone Cast.

While we haven’t put out any ill rhymes out, a possess Chandler Wood did review Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End when it expelled final year.  Here’s a dash of what Chandler had to contend about Naughty Dog’s title:

A good array should finish on a high note. Naughty Dog could kick a array into perpetuity, though they chose to close this section of their story during a high indicate and concede themselves and players to pierce on. In some ways it feels like I’m personification Uncharted for a initial time again, vital that clarity of disbelief and journey as we join Nathan Drake and his desirable half-tuck for one final journey secure in adore and sacrifice. It’s a bittersweet feeling, though they’ve left all in to make certain that A Thief’s End is a Uncharted culmination that a fans deserve.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is accessible now for PlayStation 4, nonetheless unfortunately this banger of a lane won’t be found in-game.

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