This real-life Final Fantasy XIV Aetheryte clear is incredible

From a new Shanghai FanFest

Square Enix recently reason a Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Shanghai, China (read: a special expo reason in several counties that privately celebrates FFXIV, typically with news and live concerts), and a prolongation peculiarity was off a wall.

An attendee managed to constraint this video of a moving Aetheryte crystal, that seems to be done to scale from a in-game model. For those of we who don’t play Final Fantasy XIV, the Aetheryte crystals are like one giant, lore-based quick ride system. You “attune” to them in new locations, afterwards we can now reserve adult a teleport authority to pierce from place to place. Cities even have particular ride systems that concede we to bound between specific prohibited spots, like a marketplace or a query hub.

The ‘Fest also featured one of a best cosplays I’ve ever seen when an attendee rocked Lakshmi: a Final Fantasy XIV boss from a final expansion, Stormblood. The outfit is so elaborate that it has a transport to reason a whole thing together. Check out a comparison cinema in a gallery below!

Lori Yojimbo [Twitter]

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