This PSA Trailer for The Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Is Hilarious

The Final Fantasy XIV Companion app caused a lot of differences of opinion among users. Yet, no one has nonetheless been influenced (at slightest to a knowledge) by a possibly-tragic consequences of being dreaming by a app while walking around,

Square Enix evidently wants to make certain that Pokémon GO-like incidents don’t start happening. They expelled a humorous trailer in that characters mangle manners of simple goodness when personification an online diversion on their smartphones, and compensate a consequences for that.

So remember kids. Don’t demeanour during your smartphone while pushing magitek armor. That’s only lame.

If we wish to learn some-more about Final Fantasy XIVyou can also suffer minute information on a arriving 4.5 update, and watch a latest trailer. You shouldn’t forget to examination a new talk with Naoki Yoshida and our examination of the Stormblood expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV is now accessible for PS4 and PC, and you can squeeze a duplicate on Amazon. The Companion app is accessible for iOS and Android.

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