This portrayal of a Dueling Peaks in Zelda: Breath of a Wild creates me wish to go there


Every time we see a many notation area in Zelda: Breath of a Wild represented in any way, even if it’s a video shave for a tip, we wish to bucket adult my diversion and go there.

Out of all of a exploration-based games I’ve played in my life given a ’80s, and I’ve seen utterly a few, Breath of a Wild influenced me to unequivocally only go to city with some of a many pointless areas even if there were no evident rewards.

One plcae we remember utterly vividly is Dueling Peaks, that is represented splendidly in this portrayal from “GIVE_ME_GOLD_THANKS.” It’s an oil delivery on a 16×20 canvas, and we can review it to a strange in-game section below.

I embellished Dueling Peaks from Breath Of The Wild [Imgur] Thanks Kenny!

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