This No Man’s Sky actor won’t stop building intergalactic quick food restaurants

There is something painfully unhappy about a male building all from a frame bar to a Taco Bell in a videogame where no one will ever correlate with them. But such is a trail that YouTuber Boid Gaming has embarked upon—a trail to fill his No Man’s Sky universe full of dull KFCs, McDonalds, and, yes, even a monolithic Pepsi can. This dude loves brands.

I wish we could know what proclivity there is for such an endeavor, though we can usually theory that Boid Gaming, after removing to a core of No Man’s Sky’s universe and realizing there is no definition or purpose, has left positively mad. For several months, he has been showcasing his intergalactic quick food restaurants on his YouTube channel.

Here’s a thespian exhibit of a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There’s a startling turn of dexterity here, in that any of his quick food restaurants really captures their cultured while still feeling formally sci-fi. The No Man’s Sky Foundation update introduced bottom building, though a collection aren’t too complex, so putting together a rather good looking McDonalds is a win in my books. But with any video we watch, we get a small unhappy saying how dull these establishments are. They should be full of people, though instead, only like No Man’s Sky, they’re lifeless. we mean, can we even call it a frame bar if no one is stripping inside of it?

And we don’t even know where to start articulate about this hulk Pepsi can he built. But we like to suppose that, millions of years from now, some civilization will learn a existence and send a manned goal to see it in person, triggering a source of a giant, fizzy, god-baby.

Boid Gaming has a lot of considerable builds on his YouTube channel we should check out—especially if we only adore brands. You can also check out this finish list of all he’s done so distant and download his bases into your possess chronicle of No Man’s Sky.

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