This Is Probably The Reason Pokémon GO’s New Raid Bosses Are So Terrible


Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO players were astounded this weekend when for a initial time given raids were introduced, new, non-Legendary bosses were rotated in.

The list is…quite bad. Like extremely, roughly inexplicably bad. Out of all a probable “boss Pokémon” that could have been put in a game, your Dragonites, your Gyarados, etc. a ensuing list is a uncanny smattering of roughly all Gen 1 Pokémon and one Gen 3 ghost, roughly nothing of that are quite desired catches these days. Here’s a tier list:

Level 1

Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Metapod

Level 2

Magneton, Sableye, Sandslash, Tentacruel, Marowak, Cloyster

Level 3

Ninetales, Scyther, Omastar, Porygon,

Level 4

Poliwrath, Victrebell, Golem, Nidoking, Nidoqueen

There are some reports that aged staples like Tyranitar, Machamp and Alakazam are still appearing, though I’m perplexing to figure out of those are only lingering, or adhering around for good.

Regardless, we see what we mean, it’s a flattering bad selection, and roughly wholly done adult of Gen 1 Pokémon for some reason.

So what is that reason? we consider we competence know.


Pokemon GO

My best theory is that with Generation 3 about to arrive in full, presumably as early as December, that Pokémon GO is going to start scaling behind furious Gen 1 spawns in a game. With roughly 400 Pokémon in a diversion when Gen 3 launches, Gen 1 is possibly going to be scaled behind heavily or separated undisguised so so Gen 3 Pokémon can seem in a furious some-more often, as that’s what everybody is going to wish to catch.

So because these Gen 1 Pokémon as bosses? we trust that Niantic has entrance to information that shows what some of a “missing” Gen 1 Pokémon are in many people’s Pokedexes, and in sequence to make certain people can locate them with severely reduced spawns, they done rares like Porygon, Omastar, Scyther, and so on bosses, along with a lot of other Gen 1 evolutions that people competence still need after all this time. But they left out a ones players really wish like Dragonite and Gyarados.

I also consider this list reflects “lessons learned” from a aged list of bosses. Mainly, we consider Niantic satisfied that it’s substantially not a good thought to give divided a best Pokémon in a diversion from normal-level raids when it would differently take weeks or months catch/hatch them normally. That’s because we don’t see must-haves like Dragonite and Gyarados here, and we consider it’s because you’re not saying any Pokémon from Gen 2 either. Pokémon GO wants we to indeed go out and locate things and induce eggs and develop Pokémon like we used to rather than only picking off a cream of a stand as raid bosses.


Pokemon GO

So while we might understand this move, we don’t know if that indispensably creates it a good idea. After roughly 6 months of carrying a aged set of raid bosses that featured a ton of Pokémon people indeed wanted, switching to this complement where a new raid bosses are all deplorable seems like a recipe to have even less people doing a customary raids than before, when they were already underpopulated. And no matter how we cut this, there’s simply no forgive for carrying something like Metapod be a raid boss. Magikarp seemed like a fun raid trainer too, though during slightest it could assistance we save adult for a Gyarados. No one is perplexing to save adult for a Butterfree during this indicate after throwing roughly 400 Caterpies to this point.

Overall, this seems like too small too late, and therefore it’s a wrong call. we consider Niantic understands only how crazy it was that raids took over Pokémon GO totally when they were introduced, though now overhanging tough a other direction, expelling all Gen 2 and 3 Pokémon (minus Sableye) from a raid trainer list when Gen 3 launches feels like a uncanny move. This is a raid list that’s going to greatfully literally nobody, and it’s going to be even harder to raid if we do wish to, given that even reduction people will be display adult for these now.

This is one of those times when some communication from Niantic would go a prolonged way, though instead, as ever, we lay in silence, wondering what on earth they were thinking.

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