This beautiful new racing diversion isn’t only extraordinary — it’s a best reason this year to get an Xbox instead of a …

Before formulating a character, or shopping cars, or even saying a map, a really initial thing we do in “Forza Horizon 4” is race.

The diversion opens — as it has for a past several iterations — with a freewheeling competition that has we leaping from car to vehicle. The instructions are simple: Right trigger to accelerate, left trigger to brake, and left thumbstick to steer.

The competition is intentionally uncomplicated and egotistic — a bluster-filled intro to a anything goes genius of a “Horizon” series. It continues to be a clever approach to onboard new players. “Here!” it screams. “Jump in! Go!”

And go, we must.

That introduction transitions to a genuine diversion shortly after, and a game’s controls sojourn set in a default, easy-to-use setting. The diversion doesn’t titillate we to amp adult a difficulty, or even tell we where a settings are to change pronounced difficulty.

If we wish to spin on primer transmissions, or spin off steering assists — or whatever else — we have to go find that stuff. The options are there in spades, though a diversion puts no vigour on a normal actor to ramp adult a difficulty.

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