This Final Fantasy XV mod lets we play as a Power Rangers

Final Fantasy XV boasts one of a many noted casts in not usually a Final Fantasy game, though any video game. Ignis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Noctis are all lovable, though are they as friendly as a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? 

Actually, yes. Much some-more so, to be honest. But what I’m removing during is this: we can now play Final Fantasy XV as a bloody Power Rangers, interjection to this implausible package of mods by modder Jazneo.

In further to all 4 Power Rangers (you know, a blue one, a red one, a black one and a immature one), any of their weapons are available, so we can journey around Eos holding out foes with a energy lance, a energy sword, energy daggers and more. Notice how all their weapons have “power” combined to a beginning? Nice touch.

Cheers DSO Gaming

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