This Dark Souls Mod Was Inspired By Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild


Dark Souls, as we substantially know, is eminent for a heartless inlet and revengeful gameplay. Pair that with a overwhelming story and historically abounding lore, it’s a diversion that many immediately gravitated to and it’s still going clever to this day. There are many mods out there to heighten a knowledge further, including creation it even harder, with some even holding impulse from other dear titles.

Such is a box with a Dark Souls: The Breath of a Soul mod by Lionblade Studio/FTRichter, desirous by a likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. The creator himself stated, “This is a mod page of my arriving mod called “The exhale of a Soul”. It is desirous by The Legend Of Zelda – Breath of a Wild and will underline a lot of gameplay and automechanic changes to hopefully make we feel like we are personification a informed though also utterly opposite and uninformed Dark Souls.”

The latest plan itself is now still in development, as this creator is also still operative on their ‘Prepare to Die Again’ diversion mod. Much like their prior mod, this latest one will change many aspects of a diversion including mechanics, adding new items, opposite rivalry rob systems, and most more.


More will be combined later, though next is what they have lined adult so far. Note, those equipment noted with an ‘X’ are already finished, ‘P’ means in progress:

  • Weapons will mangle really quick and can not be repaired, so we have to check your register some-more mostly and cruise that arms suits best for any conditions [X]
  • Enemies dump weapons most some-more mostly [X]
  • Weapons can be upgraded by usually regulating souls [X]
  • Changes to a moveset of some weapons [X]
  • There will be some new equipment (New Buffs and new Healing items) [X]
  • Weapons sole by merchants cost some-more [X]
  • Changed Weapons (Name, damage, description, …) [P]
  • Changed Vendor inventory[P]
  • New starting classes [X]
  • New starting gifts [X]
  • Altered and new trainer fights [P]
  • Changes to NG+
  • More leisure to try (More areas to go to from a commencement of a game. A lot of a diversion will turn “optional” though will be indispensable to have an easier time with a endboss) [X]
  • Level-based events and rivalry parent [ P]
  • New changes to a turn parent though formed on Prepare to die Again [P]
  • Changed spells

As mentioned by a creator themselves, there is still some-more that they are looking to supplement and they are even open to suggestions! You can check it out for yourself right here during Nexus Mods while also withdrawal your possess suggestions in a criticism territory for them to see. We can’t wait to see what a finished plan is, and if it’s anything like their prior “Prepare to Die Again,” we are in for a brutal, nonetheless pleasant, surprise!

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