This Breath of a Wild Toy Story Mod Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

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In a furious universe of PC modding, we never know what to expect. Just when we suspicion that no mod would ever adopt a bench from Skyrim‘s Thomas a Tank Engine shenanigans, someone comes along and mods in a favorite characters from Toy Story into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild (mod here). Woody, of course, has taken over a purpose of hero, replacing Link’s indication and presumption his animations, that are surprisingly fitting. Take a demeanour during a waggish trailer above, featuring a strain that we consider you’re all informed with.

Okay, we have to admit: Once we see it, it creates ideal sense. Woody is finally a star of a best open-world cowboy journey diversion ever made. He gets to lay around stay fires, tame and float horses (and we improved trust that we can name your equine Bullseye), and even hunt your possess food like a cowboy should.

Oh, and we saved a best for last. There’s a apart skin mod that creates hang-gliding in Breath of a Wild most some-more fun than it already is. Take a demeanour during this subsequent video.

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